NCR 53c810 SCSI Chipset
Updated September 10, 2001
Created June 26, 2000

NCR53c810 SCSI Controller (142152-001)

Integrated 32-Bit Fast-SCSI-2/P PCI local bus controller

PS300 5/75, 90, 120, 150
PS500 5/90, 120, 150

This driver should be able to be autodetected under RH6.2.


Here is part of a sample install of RH6.2 on a PS300:
RedHat 6.2 ftp install on PS300 embedded SCSI NCR53c810, 24MB mem
boot: linux text expert mem=24M
"Devices" Insert your driver disk and press "OK" to continue. "OK" "CANCEL" -> "Cancel"
"Choose a Language" What language should be used during the installation process? -> English
"Keyboard Type" What type of keyboard do you have? -> us
"Installation Method" What type of media contains the packages to be installed? -> FTP
"Devices" -> AMD PCnet32
"Configure TCP/IP" -> Use Dynamic IP configuration (BOOTP/DHCP)
"FTP Setup" -> FTP site name: emperor
"FTP Setup" -> RedHat directory: pub/RedHat62/i386
(For this example my RedHat 6.2 cdrom is mounted at the /pub/RedHat62/i386 directory)
"Devices" I don't have any special devices drivers loaded for your system. Would you like to load some now? "DONE" "ADD DEVICE" -> "Add Device"
"Devices" What kind of device would you like to add "SCSI" "NETWORK" -> "SCSI"
"Devices" Which driver should I try? -> Symbios/NCR 53C8xx
"Devices" I have found the following devices in your system: Symbios/NCR 53C8xx "DONE" "ADD DEVICE"


Note: On Systems that have a PCI bus, this driver will most likely be autodetected. On systems that do not have a PCI bus, such as the PL4500, this driver will not work for you.

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