Lets get the introductions out of the way. My name is Robert E. Longstreath Sr. I was born in Dayton, Ohio. My second wife Edyth Mae Perkins was born in Dayton, Ohio. We now live in the country four miles outside of Washington Court House, Ohio.

 I spend what my wife calls much too much time on the computer, such is life. I enjoy chatting with my friends at Genealogy Chat Room. I am known as Bad Bob on chat, the name speaks for itself. This is my page I hope you like it and you're welcome back for whatever reason. If you don't like it, or me for that matter then don't come back!

Mom and Pop.
Paul Edward Longstreath Sr. .
Betty Jane Sanner.

Pop left us December 3rd, 1999.
Paul Edward Jr. left us September 26th, 2000.
Dorothy June left us June 11, 2001.

A letter to Pop.

Hey Pop,
I want you to know that I love and miss you.
We missed each others birthdays this year Pop, that was hard for me since we celebrated together every since I can remember, but this year Pop I didn't celebrate. Its just not the same without you being here.

Didn't seem like Christmas this year Pop, just something about you not being there. You not sitting in your favorite chair, not being at the head of table. This is the first Christmas the family has ever spent without you Pop. Needless to say it was not the happy joyful occasion it should have been. Everyone tried to act happy, but you could see in their eyes it wasn't so.

We had our arguements and disagreements, naturally I thought it was all your fault. But I'll tell you Pop since I have gotten older I realize that you were being the best father you knew how to be. No one can fault you for that.

Some people think you are in a better place Pop, I hope that is so. Others think that when a person dies their spirit watches over those left behind. Whether that is so or not I have no idea Pop, but if it is then I will tell you here that I love you so very much and miss you terribly.

I love you Pop.

R.E. Longstreath Sr.

Robert Eugene Longstreath Sr.
AKA. Bad Bob

You know what they say...if you mow your yard and find 4 or 5 cars you may be a redneck...especially if you have a 357 Magnum in your hand...

My direct surnames.
See how they fit below.
Not all are finished.

Longstreath, Longstreth, Fuller, Staup, Walker.
 Darke, Greene and Montgomery Counties, Ohio.

Braun, Bungard, Childs, Ferner, Friedline, Goff,
Hart, Heining, Kent, Maynard, Miller, Nedrow,
Neimiller, Nicholson, Niederaurer, Penrod, Pletcher,
Ritenour, Sanner, Shaw, Snyder, Wetmore, Yoder.
Fayette, Somerset and Westmoreland Counties, Pennsylvania.


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