Happiness Sublime

I love you and want you,

though I'm so imperfect

in every way imaginable,

except that I'm a perfect

shit magnet of high density,

but won't know much about

that part of our relationship

until you get close enough

to smell and taste constantly,

though by then it'll be too late

to revoke mutual glad ownership

of that fragrant and tasty pile

we describe as happiness sublime.
Love's Fallen Hero

Life is not enough to live,

when dreams dwell in melancholy meadows

where falling shadows embrace fallen heroes,

and tears in their tide sweep not your face

from the beach of a heart parched by empty moments,

and love lingers for reasons that ever evade capture;

scorched by the sun of  your peerless beauty.
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Forever Unclaimed

Signs of life are gone.
Empty pages to the wind anon;
racing to the edge of dawn
the night erases.

Moving slowly to the door;
leaving countless rages;
gone to dreams in cages
forever unclaimed.
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--Wordless Beauty--

If only I could see that face

across the sparsely appointed white room

in the warmth of the bay window's bright

sunlight with these well wrung eyes, and

not through the strained emptinesses

of a dessicated heart and psyche's ashes,

I would paint a blinding pale pastel

portrait of your wordless beauty

that could only be heard as music.
--No Punctuation or Mercy Desired--

'm sorry you don't even

have time for me anymore

since I fogged up your Crystal watch

and stepped on your gilded nose lily

with my unruly creative crumminess

which made me smell so expletively bad

I have to take a shower in hot tears daily

just to get out of bed smiling insanely and

not too angry to survive two pieces of burnt toast

and please don't stop hurting me real hard

because my skin depends on it every day
For Nico

Your vacant eyes rend my heart

as discordant wailings pierce

the night of unfinished pages

with dreams of mournful song

only your pallid ears can hear

O desperate dame of darkness.
Ain't Love Grand?
For You So Long

I want to stick me,

you know what I mean?

Here comes the pain;

it knows my name,

and stays too patiently yearning

to wait for you so long.
Indites of R.L.Tegner
Indites of R.L.Tegner
This site is dedicated to
Melanie Frederick;

the woman who tempered my heart
and left it on life's beaches to cool.