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Scroll down for info on Dr. McFadden's MSSM Foundation
MSSM Foundation
This foundation was set up by my Veterinarian Dr Christine McFadden to honor the memory of her four children, taken so suddenly from her in March 2002.

Dr. McFadden                                  Michele, Melanie, Stanley & Stuart

Christine McFadden was out for a walk last march when her ex-husband went into her home and killed the four children. Now, she's working to make something positive come from this tragedy.

McFadden is creating a foundation, which will provide scholarships to local students and build a new children's playroom at Merced's Mercy Hospital.

A letter from Christine McFadden regarding the new foundation:

As of this writing I have been speaking with my children's friends and people throughout the community about the best ways to memorialize them. I am proposing projects that represent the kind of people my children were. Since they themselves will not be able to serve the world, I have turned my thoughts towards projects that would benefit the Merced community as a whole, with an emphasis on children. I would like to reach, to help, as many people as possible, throughout time. The following projects are listed in order of priority of establishment:
1. FRIENDSHIP SCHOLARSHIPS for graduating Merced County High School Seniors, based on compassion and friendship qualities. Applied only toward a 4-year college. Implemented in time for 2003 graduates. Applications will be available at local high schools.

2. UC MERCED FOURTH FLOOR LIBRARY, with a near 360 degree view of the campus and surrounding valley. Would also overlook the third floor roof garden. Initial estimate: $250,000, roof garden: $50,000.

3. RONALD McDONALD HOUSE for Merced. A wonderful house for families and children that require medical care or hospitalization over an extended period of time. Details pending.

4. PEDIATRIC WING for the new Mercy Hospital building. Includes neat stuff like sleep-in chambers for parents of very ill children. Estimated project donation: $1,000,000.

5. CHILDREN'S PLAYROOM for new Mercy Hospital.

All of these ideas are very worthy projects, and I envision fundraising in "layers" - setting our goals high, but if one cannot be reached, then a less expensive option or possibly a new idea or need brought forth by the community would be considered, and still touch many people and honor my children. The MSSM Foundation has applied for non-profit status. Donor recognition will be carefully planned as these projects develop. Already, the community is approaching me with fund-raising ideas, and I am extremely grateful for your thoughtfulness. A quarterly newsletter is planned for updates on project progress, and financial accounting. Again, Thank you for your generosity, support, and your love on behalf of my children.

Sincerely, with love,

For more information, you can contact the MSSM Foundation at:

PMB 121
3144 N. G Street #125
Merced, CA 95340

Please help if you can

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