Adjectives Practice Test

An Adjective can tell about a person, place or thing. Adjectives make sentences interesting. An adjective is a describing word. They can tell how things look, or taste, or sound or feel.
    Underline the adjective
  1. I saw a small octopus.
  2. My dog has a long tail.
  3. Joe lives in a big house.
  4. The funny clown made me laugh.
  5. Red leaves fell from the trees.
  6. My rabbit has soft fur.
  7. Peter caught six fish.
  8. It is a chilly day.
  9. The slow turtle lost the race.
  10. The furry seal drank milk.
  11. The warm milk tasted good.
  12. The seal fell into the icy water.
  13. The cold seal swam around.
  14. Soon he had a warm body.
  15. A gray mouse builds a house.
  16. The house is a soft nest.
  17. The nest is in a small tree.
  18. Tasty nuts are hidden in the tree.
  19. Don't disturb this busy animal.
  20. Mary lives in a big house.
  21. She has many brothers.
  22. There are seven windows in the house.
  23. One fat cat is in the kitchen.
  24. Yellow flowers grow in the yard.
  25. Eric has two brothers.
  26. Brian drew a beautiful picture for Ann.
  27. The huge dog belongs to Kim.
  28. The noisy classroom lost their recess.
  29. Who has a double domino?
  30. Renald is taller than Shane.
  31. Who's mini pretzel is this?
  32. Cheetahs are the fastest animal.
  33. This is my private corner.
  34. Take the dog for a long walk.
  35. The loud thunder scared the children.
  36. The shy child raised her hand.
  37. Jim's little sister got sick.
  38. Who's blue comb is on the floor?
  39. Drink all of your orange juice.

    Underline the two describing words in each sentence:
  1. The white kitten is fluffy.
  2. Two noisy squirrels ran up the tree.
  3. This old book is torn.
  4. The apple was sweet and crisp.
  5. The bright sun is warm on my neck.
  6. Six ducks swam in a round pond.

      1. A and An are adjectives.
      2. Use the adjective an when describing a word that begins with a vowel: a, e, i, o and u.
      3. Use the ajective a if a word begins with any other letter consonant.
          Circle the correct adjective:
        • (A An) octopus
        • (A An) ant
        • (A An) elephant
        • (A An) dog
        • (A An) child
        • (A An) flower
        • (A An) secret
        • (A An) umbrella
        • (A An) domino
        • (A An) beautiful dress
        • (A An) orange
        • (A An) piece

        Circle the correct adjective:
      1. I have ( a an ) aunt named Mary.
      2. We went to ( a an ) movie last night.
      3. Mark wrote ( a an ) long letter.
      4. We took ( a an ) English test.
      5. Ned has ( a an ) old bicycle.
      6. We had ( a an ) ice cream cone.
      7. Maggie ate ( a an ) orange for breakfast.
      8. They saw ( a an ) deer on their trip.
      9. Steve thought the car was ( a an ) ugly color.
      10. Emily bought ( a an ) new pair of skates.
      11. He was ( a an ) officer in the army.
      12. We built ( a an ) campfire.
      13. ( A An ) elephant is such a large animal.
      14. The group went to ( a an ) interesting museum.

        On the back of this paper, write 3 sentences using a correctly and 3 sentences using an properly.