Nearly Christmas...I'm inside this internet shop for the first time and they dont have an aircon.  I like the keyboard, I hope I could sneak this and replaced my old keyboard back at GGI office.  I am opening this site whether you like it or not (You..means the one who is reading this and if there is any.).  Our classes where cut-short at 3:oo pm because CPAR will have a Christmas party, and we are not invited, I have half of my mind to gate crash.  I only have 5 more minutes left to type this.  I dont have any particular reason why on earth I was typing nonsense. Ah yes, I remember, about the re-opening of this site.  This site will be my online journal, so to spare me from talking too much about myself this site will tell something about me, myself, I..and some of my friends, pets, favorite Tax reviewer (yes I have one), sisters, brothers, the woman at New York street (Cubao), and the other people around me.  Many people said that I am weird..but between me and those people I am the sanest...

welcome to
ROOM 509
this is the same internet shop...and still hot..tomorrow will be the second of our last board exam.  And I am praying (a lot) that I'll pass.  It is very difficult.  Not the entire exam but the preparation.  I'll be staying today at CPAR then I'll go to UST church to attend a mass. I got annoyed in Audit Probs so I am just relaxing a bit if you can call these relaxing.  On tuesday I'll be back in Gift Gate. I'm running out of time so this is very quick and just like the rest makes no sense.  But ..whatever.  I am thinking. what would be my lunch. I want to go home and eat the rest of the grilled chicken. After the board, I have a lot of things ahead of me. Its just that I dont have money. eerrr..what else. I'm looking forward for our farewell party, I really hope it would be my last day as a reviewee in CPAR. God please make things well. (in silent prayer) . anyway, miracles do happen everyday.  it was just in the corner and all we need to do is to turn around.

done! I finished the exam. All I have to do is to wait for the result. There are miracles in our lives and I asked God to give me one.  It will be more than what a man can do.  I did my best but the exam was so difficult.  I don't know if I can make it.  and I am still holding it..:Mark 11:24 "whatever you asked in prayer, believe that you received it and you shall have it. "  but this time with more conviction.  I like it in here.  All the songs they played are my favorites.  I'm going to CPAR today.  I hope there's something different happen to me that would me look forward to new horizon where I never thought I could be there.

Right..I am a CPA but I dont have a job. Im so morosely bored and well..
I think it has to do with the house..hhmm. I saw this wonderful house.
I think its perfect and I think I've been in this house before.  Even if I hadn't entered yet it felt like I'm home. this is my home...and so I
thought.  It was really strange..I can't name it. and sometimes I know
I'm lost, somewhere between sleeping and waking, thats when I was
lost, to some other thoughts, to some memories that I never have and I think will never had. strange..really really strange and I still can't figure it out.  honesty? its not a question. its the answers. I've been living through all this, it doesn't change and sometimes it was...pain. Pain? aren't we all in pain. aren't we all lonely. or I am alone in this thoughts. I miss my friend..maybe she'll figure this all out. I already know for a long time now that everything has its end..but the thing I haven't even started yet..maybe its not really the end. I can't even make up my mind..would I be cynical or optimistic. it'll remind this way here in this time.