Philosophy of School Counseling
My philosophy of counseling within a school is one that involves expectations and interests. I, as a school counselor, have to discover what makes up each individual student's interests.  These student interest may be so different according to the individual that the structure, rules, and values of what make up those students will vary as well.  We have to find ways to match up student interest with what our expectations as a school represent.  As a counselor, throughout this process, I have to assist students in finding the adaptive skills needed to not nonly respect what their interest are (personally), but also make them aware of the rules and guidelines they must follow while under the school's supervision.  Each student here at the Montpelier School has different backgrounds, but the goal for every student needs to be for the fulfillment of an education at the maximum of their potential.  Bottom line is this:  "We have to understand what makes a student 'tick' (motivate) and then try to get the most out of that student academically, and then prepare them for the next step or phase of their life." 
     I will try and update this web page weekly to give helpful insight for parents/guardians of students.  I will also add quotes of the day from which I will get from my secretary for viewers to check out.
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