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Russian Martial Art / Systema

What is Russian Martial Art?

This unique and deceptively dangerous fighting style was developed over 10 centuries ago in Ancient Russia. When the communist government came to power in 1917, they surpressed all national traditions. This fighting system was then shrouded in mystery and reserved exclusively for select groups of Russia's Special Forces (Spetsnaz) that were activated for only the highest risk operations. Also known as 'Systema', this art is as unique and diverse as the Russian culture itself.

Who can learn Russian Martial Art?

Anyone can learn. The training is ongoing, straight forward and open to all who have an earnest desire to learn.

What are some special qualities of this style?

Russian Martial Art / Systema combines a strong spirit with extremely clever and versatile tactics. This is a practical and deadly system that works against any type of enemy in any circumstance. The style is natural and free with no strict rules, rigid structure or limitations (except moral ones). All tactics are based on instinctive reactions, individual strengths and weaknesses and are specifically designed for fast learning.

Who teaches the Classes in Oshawa? And where did he learn Systema?

Mr. Troy White teaches the Oshawa classes. He has had the priveledge to train under the World Reknowned Mr. Vladimir Vasiliev, as well as Mr .Vasiliev's instructor, "The Fighting Master" Mikhail Ryabko.

When are the classes held and where are they located?

The classes are held Monday and Wednesday evenings at the North Oshawa Clubhouse.

What is the Address of the Academy?

1139 Mary Street North, Oshawa, Ontario. (one block North of Beatrice Street E.)

Are  Visitors Welcome?

Yes, absolutely!
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