Roger Mann, Ph.D.


Services Offered

RMecon provides expert services in natural resource management and economics, especially related to water resources. Specializations include economics of municipal, irrigation and environmental water use, agricultural and land use policy and management, and regional, fisheries, recreation and agricultural economics.

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Unique Experience

Roger Mann, principal, has been engaged in economic and business study and research for over 25 years. He has studied or worked at six universities in five states, earning a Ph.D. in Economics and Agricultural Economics in 1988, and he has worked for several consulting companies. His resume is provided here.

Dr. Mann has consulted for local, state, and federal governments, utilities, private consulting firms, and other private interests on scores of projects. These projects have required research design, application of mathematical techniques such as statistics, operations research, simulation, probability theory, forecasting methods, regional economic models, cost-benefit analysis; technical writing, and presentations for clients, interest groups, and the public.

Dr. Mann has also engaged in qualitative, policy and theoretical analysis. He is the author of "Antimarket Economics: Blind Logic, Better Science and the Diversity of Economic Competition" (1996, Praeger Publishers, Greenwood Publishing Group) a thoughtful and controversial evaluation of economic theory and practice. Book News calls it "a wake-up call for economists." This page explains antimarket theory and provides some common questions and answers.

Firm Objectives and Philosophy

The goal of RMecon is to provide accurate, realistic and state- of-the-art analysis of natural resource management, economic and policy problems.

The Right People

Multidisciplinary research is often needed to attain realistic economic or policy analysis. Dr. Mann is experienced in working with non-economists such as lawyers, engineers, planners, biologists, hydrologists, modeling experts, agronomists, animal scientists, entomologists, plant scientists, and other disciplines, and he has personally developed models and analysis in hydrology, crop evapotranspiration and growth, rangelands, cattle production, and insect population dynamics. This diverse experience means that he can judge the need for experts in any particular case.

Finding Knowledge

RMecon can develop research based on a complete understanding of the state and quality of the science. This may require scoping of potential sources of information, research review and evaluation, and understanding of the state of knowledge. Research and information must be appropriately qualified by its limitations.

Creative Vision

A complete understanding of the problem identifies information gaps, and more research may be needed to obtain useful new information. Creative use of existing information can be used to minimize research costs.

Modeling and Common Sense

The costs and complexity of natural resource issues may justify complex models, or the models may be required by law or precedent. Complex models may be justified where many factors interact, the factors and their interactions can be measured, and the costs of modeling are expected to be less than the benefits of better information. RMecon can provide the skills needed to develop, apply and understand these models.

Often, complex models are not justified by their cost or their accuracy. Rather, good empirical information generated by reliable sources can be used. Qualitative analysis, case studies, or extrapolation from other real experience may be a better choice.

Writing and Presentation

The best research can be laid to waste by poor presentation. RMecon will provide written and oral presentation of analysis tailored to the target audience, and research must be documented internally by detailed notes and tracking of references.

Representative experience, 1999-2005

Roger Mann’s representative experience includes:

·        Research in Washington State regarding economics of fish and wildlife restoration and impacts of public land ownership

·        Assist State of California with economic analysis of groundwater storage and integrated water resources management proposals

·        Economic impacts of fisheries restoration actions and agricultural land fallowing for water transfers

·        Helped develop methodology to value benefits of water supply projects in California

·        Led a review of LCPSIM, an urban water supply economics model in California

·        Municipal water supply economic analysis for scenarios developed with California stakeholder groups

·        Analysis and description of human effects of multi-species framework planning alternatives for the Columbia River Basin.

·        Assisted with funding and economics sections of the Columbia River Fish and Wildlife Implementation EIS.

·        Analysis of the use of PG&E hydropower projects for water supply.

·        Benefit-cost analysis of water conservation operations at Prado Dam, Orange County.

Dr. Mann’s complete resume is provided here.

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