A Warm Hello to All and to 2004,

A short administrative update
regarding the direction of the
RMIT Golf Club 2004;

* The Mission Statement for the Club 2004 is as follows: Golf can be sometimes intimidating and curious to those starting out. We will have a beginner's programme to make the learning experience comfortable and fun - there will be free and subsidised lessons from PGA Professionals AND Golf Range sessions and rounds at "beginner friendly" courses.

* Additionally, a new initiative will be some Lady's only events to encourage a significant growth in female members.

* For the more experienced, we will target some of Melbourne's World Respected Links - on the list for this year are subsidised Rounds at exclusive clubs such as Woodlands, Riversdale, Keysborough and the renowned "Sandbelt". Regardless of your standard, I make you a promise that your approach to Golf will be understood, nurtured and perhaps exceeded under Tony's and my guiding hands.

* All members, after 3 completed rounds and submitted cards, will receive an official Handicap. We will then have "RMIT Handicap Events" with Golf prizes for the best Stroke AS WELL AS Handicap Score. Anyone can win great golging prizes. You see, we have again secured some generous sponsorship from Drummond Golf (cnr Franklin and Elizabeth Streets - one block from the City Campus). Additionally, Sam LeTourneau (General Manager at Drummond) and his staff will also offer discounts to RMIT Golf Club Members for all and any of their equipment needs. See him or any of the Boys down there, drop the RMIT name and be looked after. They keep a list of our Members.

* If you make the RMIT Golf Team, you will be asked to play against other Melbourne Based Universities once every 2 months, on a high quality course, in an individual and team Matchplay Format. At the end of the year, the RMIT Golf Championship is held and the Top Players from this event will be asked to go on and represent RMIT at the Australian University Games. We finished 2nd last in 2003 beating only Tasmania University. A goal is to better that in 2004.

* Also, we will have the usual, popular and occasional cheap Golf Trip venturing out for a weekend in some beautiful rural and coastal golfing territories. We play great courses every day; we have a little fun every night.

* Lastly, Tony and I need a little assistance with running the Club smoothely. We are calling for nominations for a Club Secretary and some Committee people. Tony and myself are certainly not the types to force people into anything. The Game has it's own allure and we will make it low pressure, enjoyable (there is 1 or 2 perks) plus it looks good on the resume. Put yourself forward and I will advise appointments shortly.

* We'll all settle in back at UNI but keep these dates aside with more information to follow;

- 1st RMIT Round (all welcome) Friday March 26 A.M. Details to follow. If required, transport assisted.
- 1st Subsidised Golf Range Session with Instructor Monday Evening April 5. If required, transport assisted.

* To join, pay your $25 and fill out the form provided at your Sports and Recreation Union Area.....this will open the door to the RMIT Golfing Parallell Universe.

Any questions, requests, queries all welcome. Contact me by reply e-mail or on 0421 220 698 or Tony Yoo on dkyo@hotmail.com <mailto:dkyo@hotmail.com> or (04) 1314-9902

I hope to hear from potential Committee people ASAP and join soon as e-mail list has to be refined to Members only within 6 weeks.

Email: rmitgolfclub@hotmail.com