ROM Messenger Network
Hello and welcome to the ROM Messenger Network.  I am Cyrus and if you are like me, you are crazy about video games.  This project has been put together for many reasons that I have.  The best reason is the fact that I have spent countless hours and even days at a time looking for hard to find ROMS for my many emulators.  Most of the websites I have found lure you to false hopes of downloading ROMS and actually try to get you to sign up for something like animated pornography.  So, being sick and tired of all the lies these sites promise, I have created this network.  This is an easy and new way for you to get all the ROMS and emulators you want and not spend all your free time doing so.  It is very simple to do, just follow the instructions below.

1.  Go to and download any version of ICQ.  I prefer ICQ Lite because it is a small and easy to use ICQ version, but any version will do.

2.  Go here: and enter the Main Chat area to find other Network users that wish to trade ROMS.  Be sure to read "How it works" topic to get the full instructions.

NOTE:  When you post a topic or a resume, make sure to include your
ICQ#, ROMS & emulators you wish to trade and the ROMS & emulators you have, the best time to reach you via ICQ.

Please use only ICQ versions to trade ROMS, Yahoo, MSN, AOL or any other messenger program you post to trade will be erased. This is to ensure a smooth network and easy trading between users.
My resume: Cyrus, ICQ# 338696701 / NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy (ALL),  MAME, Atari, Atari Jaguar, TG-16, Sega, Sega Genisis, Sega Master System, Neo-Geo and a few more./  Can be contacted throughout most nights U.S. Central Time.
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