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Welcome to my project website. I first learned about this Kit Car in the 9/99 issue of Car & Driver. I was hooked! By the way, this isn't the Rodster. The Rodster is based on an S series Blazer chassis. When it's done, you sure can't tell!
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Project Journal
6/22/00 Well, I started working on the conversion last night. Just poking around mostly. I wanted to see if I can get the windows out my self. Looks possible! Met Keith. He's the guy who lives on sight. Quite a talker, but it's a good thing. Also a car nut. He'll be a help with the project. Started stripping out the interior, but just made a dent in what is to come. Man, there sure is a lot of stuff to go before I'm done.
6/23/00 Spent two more hours last night. It's moving along faster than I expected. I got the entire interior behind the doors stripped out, including the headliner. I'm amazed at how cheaply this truck is built. No problems so far, but the wiring for the fuel tank runs through a hole right at the end of the body. The part that gets cut off! I be damned if I'm gonna pull the gas tank. I just filled it up! The tail lights and rear bumper are gone too. Time for more pictures. The truck's looking pretty bad, missing all those parts. I think this weekend is saw time!!!
2/26/00 Well this weekend was very productive. Found a connector for the fuel pump wires. I don't have to put one in now. Got the windows out my self. Used a linoleum knife. Worked well but took two hours. Stripped out or off the rest of the parts that needed to go away, and put then in storage. Doesn't look like a running truck, looks like it should be in a junk yard.
I got the conduit plmost painted for the X  brace. When that's completed and installed, its off with it's head!
5 Years Later
Final Pictures!!
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