The Israeli Rhythm and Blues Trio



This trio performs old and new soul, R&B and blues favorites, in English. Its repertoire includes hits by Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Nina Simone, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, B.B. King, Nora Jones, Alanis Morisette and many other legends of this genre. Some great hits in French and Spanish are presented too.

The members of the band are


Lilac - Voice


A singer and songwriter. Has been studying voice and diction under the guidance of Maestro Daniel Amarilio. Studied hip hop dancing in Studio C, Tel Aviv.

During 1999-2001, served as a lead singer with the Israeli Air force Band, in which she was also dancing and acting. After the completion of her service she joined a band in Los Angeles, that was performing in major venues there. She recorded for the Israeli radio and TV. She produced a disc with her own original songs. During 2001-2002, worked as a dancer in Studio 54, Tel Aviv and participated in shows in major dance clubs in Israel.


Sergio Barcala - Keyboard


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.Graduated from D'andrea Conservatorium of Buenos Aires as Professor of piano and theory of music, in 1971.Begun his career as piano performer during the seventies in clubs and wedding bands and in 1981 founded the Latin jazz fusion band "Nagual" where he functioned as arranger and composer.

During the eighties, worked as a sessionist, and as arranger of a number of bands in various styles like the pop band Pimpinela and the Latin band "San Pedro Telmo" with whom he recorded a very successful album in 1987.

In the early Nineties he moved to Israel, where he was hired to establish a salsa band and also worked as a soloist singer in Eilat during 92-93. Afterwards he moved to Tel Aviv, where he has established himself as a singer , arranger, composer and producer, helping many artists and developing his own project like "Pachanga " a band of Latin hip hop in Hebrew



Shlomo Ariel - Harmonica


A blues harmonica player and songwriter. Lectures on African, African American and Celtic music. Studied composition and arrangement of music with Yossi Mar-Haiim and Eli Benakot. Studied blues harmonica playing in Old School of Folk Music in Chicago. Established, directed in performed in various blues, soul and R&B bands in Israel since 1996: Tel Aviv Chicago Blues Band with Roy Young, FunkyBlu with Charles Sullivan and The Delta Trio Old Time Country Blues with Charles Garrett and Yossi Tanuri. The FunkyBlu Band has been performing Shlomo's original songs, co-composed with and arranged by Gilad Cohen. This band has been performing in high schools in the framework of Musical Youth, participated in the Black and Blues Festival in 2001 and performed all over Israel.



Contact: Shlomo Ariel 054-7-404051 arielav@bezeqint.net


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