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I am very much in support of a philosophical exemption from compulsory vaccination. In addition, I believe parents should receive stats. on comparisons between risk factors of children who have and have not been vaccinated. This data should include adverse reactions to vaccines. This info should be mandatory for every doctor to give to parents before vaccination, and parents should have to read and sign that they have read info.
-- Sarah Jasmine Purinton


The government has NO right to make citizens do something that they do NOT want to do as long as it doesnt't harm anyone else. Especially when that something is potentially deadly. Let the officials who mandate this program be the first ones to take these un-safe vaccines. Thanks,
-- Tom Chernasky

I think it would be stupid not to take advantage of current vaccines which, for the most part, are safe and highly effective. However, anyone choosing not to should have that right.
-- Donald J. Hennig

It may be true that vaccinations are unhealthy sometimes, BUT, it is definitely true that they should always be voluntary, NEVER compulsory.

Thanks for your efforts in the "good fight".
-- Charles W. Seymour

People should not have to be vaccinated if they don't want to be.
-- Jeremy Robert Furbish  

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