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Privacy Policy
On this site, you have a complete right to privacy. You are not tracked, monitored, or scanned by any means while browsing through this site.

No specific or general information is collected by this site without the expressed consent by you. Signing the petition is consent that allows this site to submit the provided information (excluding your e-mail address) to the New Hampshire State Legistlature at any time. Giving your e-mail address to this site is consent that we are allowed to use such e-mail address in contacting you about this site or any related effort(s) involving New Hampshire Libertarians or Libertarians in general.

Any information that you provide that has not yet been submitted to the New Hampshire State Legislature can be removed from any list on which it has been placed once this site has received notification of your interest in removal.

Your privacy is important to us. If you wish us to change our policy, please inform us by e-mail. Thank you.

NOTE: This privacy policy is subject to the Yahoo! Geocities Privacy Policy.  

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