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January 12, 2007-- 6 months later and we finally have our website functioning the way we intended it to. You can now expect information to be placed on the website more frequently. We will be updating the website almost daily. Expect to see pics, comments, and other features which we haven't thought of yet but will surely be useful. Thanks again for taking time to check out our project.

July 12, 2006-- 
We added some of the Bios and a link to add the name of someone who you know who has fought a battle with cancer. The site is still a work in progress so bear with us. Patience is a virtue! We are also now posted on The V Foundation website so if you want to check that out click on the link below. You can now also check us out on myspace!

July 11, 2006--
Things will be added as we get more infromation, gather sponsors, etc. Just this past week the Jimmy V foundation made us one of their offical events and hopfully we will be posted on their web site by the end of this week. Keep checking back for more info on our road to research and ways to donate!
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