Plowing Down the American Highway
in the mini van i borrowed from my mom
We are a minor collection, a completed four, working together for
              a seemingly paramount goal.
Second Annual Summer Trip: 2003
First Annual Summer Trip: 2002
Our foundations, and trips otherwise
We live for road trips. We live for anything outside our ordinary. We live for days of aimless driving. We live for screaming at the top of our lungs. We live for New Jersey style. We live for picnics at the beach. We live for meeting strangers. We live for camping. We live for inspiration. We live for analytical exchanges. We live for philosophical interpretations. We live for formulating our futures in an equation without regards for money. We live for holding hands. We live for each other.

Theres so much to say and nowhere to begin. We go back years, and we've got the future outlined. But it's time to expand, it's time to get creative. It's time to INTERACT.
It's time for YOU.

There's so much you can do. Lend us a washing machine for an hour, maybe a shower or a modem while we tell you stories. Meet us somewhere along our path for a road side picnic. Email us about the best place to swim at night, the route with the most wildflowers or friendliest campgrounds in your area. Join us around the campfire
cause we all need to be another voice strong.

We have endless
schemes and ideas. We're full of anticipation and excitement. We're only somewhat afraid of your motivations. We're hoping you'll keep reading about our past, the present, and the future. We're hoping you'll give us a few minutes of your life for a few minutes of ours. We're hoping that things will only keep getting better. I'm hoping I never loose this feeling.
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This is our exposition
this is where the site really matters. this is life as it unravels.

The Girls
Camping Trips
As it unfolds: photographic and written updates from the road
UPDATED 2005: i just found out people are looking at this page i figured i should add some things LIKE ....

there was a pic here that ruled, however i lost most of my 2003 trip pictures... so there are now huge holes on this site.

COMING SUMMER 2005: nyc AND beyond