Rev. Philip B. Momo Sr. and Prophetess Marie R. Momo
Road To Glory Ministries

The Road To Glory Ministry was established on July 7,1996
by Rev. Philip Momo. The Lord used Rev. Philip Momo, On
November 12 to officially launch and dedicate unto the
Lord this ministry. Presently, we are worshiping in a local
elementry school building which cannot allow us carry out
our weekly activities. It's tough but we are doing it for Jesus.
We have 85 members of faithful and dedicated people.

We launched an Evangelism project known as 'Save The Lost
At All Cost' and today we have up to three branches with
Pastors serving at full time.

We are working in the areas where moslems are deminating.
The hands of the Lord is mighty and the moslem people and
have been converted to the Lord everyday. Praise The Lord!

The branches are as follows:
1.Road To Glory Ministries Mono Town, Gola Konneh
Dist. Grand Cape Mount County, Liberia.
2. Road To Glory Ministries Jenneh Brown, Gola Konneh
Dist.Grand Cape County, Liberia.
3. Road To Glory Ministries Somalia Drive Gardnersville, Monrovia, Liberia.

Note Grand Cape County is highly dominated by moslems,
and thank God that two churches has been built with the
population of about 1,680. They have just donated 500 acres
of land for mission and construction of more churches. This
is a mighty work for the Lord and we have just discussed to
establish a Bible School using the name, 'Monrovia School
Of Ministry'. We also have an academic school to help
educate children whose parents cannot afford to pay their
school fees. We have a staff who have sacrifice their time to
help to provide meager funding for these institutions we
usually do small gardening the proceed to help. Please
pray with us to improve these into an international standard.
We work in an atmosphere where there is no running water,
electricity, and most of the time walk to services or to evangelize.

The civil war in this country did destroy both human and
physical structures. We hope that this little insight of our work
will give the more insight by the Holy Spirit to see what
we are going through for the Lord--all with joy! We also pray
that you come and join us to see for yourself, what He is doing
in Jesus name Amen! We also want to invite you to conduct a
national conference this year a date to be arranged. We look
forward to hearing and seeing you face to face. Come support us!
Yours in Christ, Rev. Philip B. & Prophetess Marie R. Momo
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