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Welcome to Roansart's page, where you will find essays and monographs on various subjects dealing with the development, preservation and promotion of Terran culture. The various links within will lead you to observations and proposals on global studies of language, literature and philosophy as well as to bold prescriptions for public administration, education, research and development, and economic-financial philosophy.

The most significant characteristic of the links dealing with the theme of Terran culture is, that for the most part, they will be presented both as distinct essays and in the form of literary expression (extracts from a long-laboured novel). The essays will be short (perhaps 1000 - 5000 words) and will generally tend to comment on specific themes presented, it is hoped, simultaneously as may appear in the selections from the novel. The main literary character, Roan, as well as the world he lives in and out of which he creates his univercity were created several years ago and have been undergoing several revisions in the intervening period. However, as the literary universe he occupies has been simmering in my mind, the fundamental story has remained unchanged: only some of the logistical details necessary for the telling of the story have had to be revised.

The most considerable of these details concerns the influence of the INTERNET on Terran society -- at the time of the story's conception, the "net" as we know it today was not much more than a lumbering hodge-podge of computer bulletin-boards. Suffice it to say that as the potential of the net for disseminating knowledge and learning became more and more apparent, its global significance eventually assumed an integral rôle in the basic premise of the story about to be told.

Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves,
or we know where we can find information upon it.

(Samuel Johnson)

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