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Trade Status:OPEN


Iím always willing to trade.Trades are usually sent out in the day or two after we agree on the trade, depending on the size of the trade.I want any show that I donít have, assuming itís a quality recording, not burned TAO, and not MP3-sourced.See my trading rules for more information.My list is on under robjones, and I am currently working on putting my list onto


B&P Status:OPEN


If youíre going to e-mail me to request a B&P, please peruse my B&P Rules and Recommendations.My rules are not complicated or outlandish, but Iím sick of receiving cash, envelopes with no note, etc.DO NOT SEND CASH FOR B&Ps!If I see cash in your envelope, Iíll throw away your entire package.Since I offer additional B&Ps based on the number of open B&Ps I have, please send your discs to me as soon as possible.Contact me if you cannot send.


Please note the following on my CD-R List: