Louisiana native Rob Broussard began playing music in the early 1970's at the age of fifteen. His initial interest and talents were focused on vocals as he began his musical endeavors as one of two lead singers in a local rock band. He began playing accoustic guitar at an early age and later learned to play keyboards to assist in songwriting and to accompany his vocals. In the late 1970's Rob began playing bass more out of necessity than desire, but soon found the instrument to be so enjoyable that he has remained a bassist for twenty years. He has played in various bands in Southwest Louisiana and Texas, covering all types of popular music. These include Rock and Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Country and Bluegrass, New Wave and Reggae, as well as Folk and Cajun/Zydeco blends.
      Of all the groups Rob has been part of, he enjoys
Louisiana'sKingfish most of all, as it has reunited him with old friends and fellow musicians from past bands. The opportunity to revive the union he enjoyed with co-songwriter Dave Savario nearly twenty years ago promises to lead to many new Louisiana's Kingfish tunes. These are the songs that Rob most enjoys playing and recording, as they each have their own unique signature which displays the entire band's distinctively "Cajun" roots.

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