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For years we - Scott and Rob - have been dreaming of a 4*4 trip through the last of the unknown continents - Africa, brothers on tour. Having grown up in Zimbabwe and South Africa we were keen to see the rest of Darkest Deepest Africa.

In November 2001 we decided that the constellations were in an auspicious alignment for just such a trip. And so the planning begun... We finally packed Nyathi (yon trusty Land Rover) and setoff in June 2002.

This website is dedicated to our big adventure. We have armed ourselves (until they grow legs of their own that is) with a laptop and digital camera, with the intentions of providing regular updates on our experiences.


Last Updated:
10th Feb 2003

Total Distance:

After much thought we decided to end our epic adventure in Kenya.

On the 3rd Feb 2003 Rob flew back to Australia and Scott drove Nyathi down to Zambia where he planned to investigate opportunities.

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