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NOTE: This is only a partial price list.
I have access to almost any brand of hardware and software.

NOTE:  The prices below are for individual component purchases.  System pricing MUST be quoted separately.

           Memory (RAM)  Updated August 12/2001       

             Intel CPU's    Updated   August 12/2001   Added Pent. 4 CPU's

             Socket 370/423 Motherboards    Updated August 12/2001  Added P4 boards 

            Athlon/Duron CPU's   Updated August 12/2001  

               Socket A Motherboards    Updated August 12/2001  

              Hard Drives   Updated August 12/2001     New 80GB Drive now!.  

         Video Cards  Updated August 12/2001   Completely updated

         Monitors          Updated August 12/2001       

         Multimedia          Updated August. 12/2001  

        Cd-Writers/Zip Drives   Updated May 15/2001    Large selection

        Modems               Updated Jan. 12/2001    

        Keyboards & Mice      Jan. 12/2001 New & Updated     

        Printers    Updated Jan. 12/2001  All new models!

        Scanners    Updated Jan. 12/2001   

        Miscellaneous     Updated Jan. 15/2001 

        Network Cards     Updated Jan. 12/2001


Prices subject to PST & GST and may change without notice.

All items are new. Terms are Cash, Certified Cheque or Money Order.
Prices subject to PST & GST and NO ADDITIONAL costs.
Shipping & Handling if required is extra and varies by destination (within Canada only).
Pricing and specifications listed are subject to change without notice. Not responsible for any mistakes listed above.



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