Ancestors of Emmor Bonsall Maris


396. Henry Wight

Henry Wight Sargeant

Batch #: F848973, Sheet #: 50, Source Call #: 1395910

Batch #: 1761063, Source Call #:

Batch #: F610737, Sheet #: 35, Source Call #: 1621475

Film #: 183427, Page #: 270, Ordinance #: 9715
bd given as Watertown, MA

Christening: 14 Jun 1646 (?) Place:Dedham,,Massachusetts

399. Priscilla Clark

her mother Mary Hobart, AFN : 8MHR-55

400. John Rogers

Drummond p8, entry 2: John (son of John) joined the Quakers somewhat earlier
than 1660 (whn Deane says he joined). Rhoda evidentally continued to adhere to
Mr. Witherell's church. John took oath of Freeman 1657 (overcoming scruples?).

John was married twice; Rhoda was first, had three by her; 4 by second.

JOHN ROGERS was born in 1632 in Eng.1 He died on 7 May 1717 in MARSHFIELD,
PLYMOUTH, MA. UA Record #:271-631 Source: Automated Archives, Inc. CD #100

401. Rhoda King

John married Rhoda KING, daughter of Thomas KING and Sarah TINKER on 8 Oct 1656
in Boston, Suffolk CO, MASS. Rhoda was born 11 Oct 1639 in Scituate, Plymouth
CO, MASS. She died 1662. from (chuck johnson)

married second 1663 elizabeth who died 13 sept. 1692 and mar. third
elizabeth who died 9 may 1705. children by first wife john, thomas,
rhoda. by second wife abigail, mary, johanna, elizabeth.

404. Stephen Wing

BIRTH: Bill Leigh has Stephen's birth place as Netherlands

Conway Wing's record has Stephen and Sarah md 7 Nov 1653-4; his first wife
was Oseah, dau. of Edw Dillingham. (md 1645-7) their children: Nathanl, Deborah,
Ephraim [1649, d. as inf] Mercy 1650; Oseah d. 9 Apr 1653-4. Then mar. Sarah.
The desc. of bros. Dan'l and Stephen have nearly all been Quakers (says Conway)

to Boston with mother; then to Saugus (Lynn) MA;

Daniel, John, Stephen, Matthew. (no record of any sis.) Daniel took the lead in
interceding for religious toleration, and less stringent punishment of those
accused of too relaxed religious observance. Later he and Stephen became
Quakers. ( Christopher Holden & Jno Copeland were the recorded missionaries to
Sandwich 1657). Were obliged to live, meet in woods "Christopher's Hollow."

When the 'ten men of Saugus' received a grant from the Crown in 1637
to that part of Cape Cod which lies south of Plymouth C., Mother
Deborah and three of her sons, John, Daniel, and Stephen, joined this
group and were among the original settlers of Sandwich. Matthw back to Englnd.
Stephen obtained land in Spring Hill [Owl Fall 1976, p4240]

STEPHEN WING (6) (JohnA, MathewB)
Born about 1621, The Netherlands, possibly in Flushing, died 2 mo
1710, Sandwich, Massachusetts, died 24 Apr 1710, Sandwich, Massachusetts.
Married (1) in the fall of 1646, Sandwich, Massachusetts, OSHEAH DILLINGHAM
(also seen as Oseth), baptized 10 Feb 1621/2, Cottesbach, Leicestershire,
England, died 4 mo 9 dy 1653/4, Sandwich, Massachusetts, died 29 Apr 1654,
Sandwich, Massachusetts (VR); daughter of Edward Dillingham and Ursula
Carter. Married (2) 11 mo 7 dy 1653/4, Sandwich, Massachusetts, married 11
mo 7 dy 1654, Sandwich, Massachusetts (VR), SARAH BRIGGS, born 1641,
Sandwich, Massachusetts, died 3 mo 26 dy 1689, Sandwich, Massachusetts;
daughter of John Briggs and Catherine _____. Stephen and Osheah were before
the court at Plymouth, Massachusetts on 2 Mar 1647 and fined because she
had given birth to a child at an "unseasonable time" after their marriage.
Stephen was fined 1 in Oct 1659, crime not stated. It is generally
believed that shortly after their marriage, Stephen and Osheah settled at
the Old Fort House in Spring Hill Road, adjoining the property that was
later purchased by William Gifford. The Old Fort House is still in the
possession of the Wing family, and has been designated an Historic Site as
the oldest house in America in continuous ownership of the same family. It
is now the headquarters of the family association, "The Wing Family of
America". (ref: Owl, Vol 4, #3, Mar 1903, pg 130; Conway, pg 53-56; Pope's
Pioneers, pg 506-507; Savage, Vol IV, pg 593-595; Sandwich VR, pg 198;
Torrey, pg 828; Briggs Gen - Hannibal, pg 1; Shurtleff, pg 97; Allied
Families, pg 43, 273, 275; Ray Olson, pg 257-258; Dillingham Gen, pg 18a,
19, 20, 21. This publication says his first wife's name was Oseth and
mentions only Deborah and Mercy as their children).

CHILDREN: Jerry Landers <103002.217@CompuServe.COM> has the following
Children by Osea Dillingham
i. Deborah Wing (3478) was born on 10 Oct 1648.
ii. Ephraim Wing (3479) was born on 2 Apr 1649.
iii. Mary "Mercy" Wing (3480) was born on 13 Nov 1650.
Children by Sarah Briggs
i. Stephen Wing (3482) was born on 2 Sep 1656 at Sandwich,
Barnstable, MA.
ii. Sarah Wing (3483) was born on 2 Feb 1658.
iii. Nathaniel Wing (1066) was born in 1659.
iv. John Wing (3484) was born on 22 Sep 1661 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA. He
married Mary Perry (3171) on 22 Sep 1685. and they had no children. John
died in 1728. It is said that John Wing had four children by his wife
Mary Perry. [STACYN.GED]
v. Abigail Wing (2091) was born on 1 May 1664 at Sandwich,
Barnstable, MA. She married Ellis Perry (2081), and they had no children.
vi. Elisha Wing (3485) was born on 2 Feb 1668.
vii. Ebenezer Wing (3486) was born on 1 Jul 1671.
viii. Matthew Wing (3487) was born on 1 Mar 1674.

Arthur Worrall (1980) tells of Quaker Joseph Wing who in May 1757 refused
militia service and was fined and imprisoned by Barnstable Court. In Feb
petitioned for redress, which was substantially granted. (p138)

405. Sarah Briggs

Conway Wing's record has mar. 7 Nov 1653-4; their children were:
Stephen 1656 Sarah, John 1661 Abigail 1664 Elisha 1669 Ebenezer [5 Nov 1671]
Matthew 1673-4 Joseph 1677 Benjamin 1678. (All surnamed Wing)

Elisha (who married Mehitabel Butler) also had a dau Sarah.

408. Samuel Hatch

"Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families" by Otis
or "Thomas Hatch of Barnstable" by Charles Pack

409. Mary Doty

Mary Doty who married Samuel Hatch was the daughter of Edward
Doty a Mayflower passenger.

410. John Hawes

1.Elizabeth HAWES
2.Mary HAWES
3.Edmond HAWES
4.John HAWES
5.Joseph HAWES
6.Jabez HAWES
7.Ebenezer HAWES
8.Isaac HAWES
9.Desire HAWES
10.Benjamin HAWES
11.Experience HAWES

FATHER: Edmond Hawes, b 1608 Eng; d 9 Jan 1693 Yarmouth MA. Migrated 1635 to Plymouth Colony aboard "The James"

Edmond's parents- Edmond Hawes and Jane dau of Richard Porter
Edmond SR's parents- Wm & Ursula Colles Hawes; Jane's mother- Jane Whitfield

DEATH: or 20 Jul 1693

BMD: `Mayflower Increasings' by Susan Roser p84
MARR: `Mayflower Families-Stephen Hopkins' by John D Austin (1992) p92
MARR: Jeff Linscott's HATCH data 1415-1991 p18

411. Desire Gorham

BMD: `Mayflower Increasings' by Susan Roser p84
MARR: `Mayflower Families-Stephen Hopkins' by John D Austin (1992) p92
MARR: Jeff Linscott's HATCH data 1415-1991 p18

REF: `Mayflower Desc. RI' p228

Mike & Julie More

418. James (Or Feake) Feke

James Feakes was a goldsmith of London whose sis Alice md Tobias Dixon,
haberdasher of London. Date of mar 14 Feb 1619/20 at Stepney, County Mdx, Londn
Horace Wilbur Palmer speculates that the Stepney site suggests a connection
between Lieut Wm Palmer of Yarmouth, and the Plymouth Palmers who came aboard
the Anne 1623.

422. Roger Terrell

Christening: 14 Apr 1616 (?) Place:St Giles Cripple,London,England

426. Moses Hoyt

or AFN : NTJC-DM (Haight?)

432. Philip Sherman

IMMIGRATION: from Eng. to Roxbury MA 1633; [Virkus, Vol7, p881]

BIOGRAPHY: freeman 1634; banishd 1637 on account of relig differences; settld
in RI; first sec. or recordr; memb Ct of Commrs, 1656; dep. Gen. Ct, 1665-7;
memb Council, King Philip's War [Virkus, Vol7 p881]

NEXUS: Winston Churchill is descended from this couple [Jun/Jul 1988, p95]