Peace, Conflict & Development
Aik Saath: Together as One
(Conflict Resolution Group)

Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford

The Centre for Conflict Resolution

School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Journal of Humanitarian Assistance

Akany Avoko

How does an understanding of identity as constructed develop an understanding of peacebuilding?
Case Study: Sri Lanka

Emrys Shoemaker
MA Dissertation 2002
Sri Lanka: The merging of theory and praxis- a critical analysis of Azar's protracted Social Conflict Model
Anne-Sofie Lauritzen
MA Dissertation
Development theory, culture and ethnocriticism: Can respect for diversity and critique across cultures be combined?
Bernhard Hack
BA Dissertation 2002
How do NGOs anticipate and evaluate their impacts on conflict?
Case Study: Sri Lanka
Rob Deeks
BA Dissertation 2002
Sri Lanka
An Assessment of the Conflict in Sri Lanka for DanChurch Aid (including opportunities for peacebuilding interventions)
Mads Frilander
Please ensure that all works are properly cited
What are the obstacles to the integration of refugees into British host communities and how might these obstacles be overcome?
Rob Deeks
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