FUN 101, Section 1 (online)
English Composition Through Intercultural Understanding
Summer 1995
Instructor: Karla Frizler
Office: Room 208 (Frizzy's Festive Free-for-all), schMOOze University
Internet address:
Office Hours: (CA time) MWF, 9-10am; most nights 10pm-12am; by appointment





FUN101 will be divided into four sections, each requiring three readings and one essay related to a topic within the general theme of "Intercultural Understanding." The course may cover such topics as: stereotypes, work and leisure time in different cultures, relationships between family members, friends and co-workers, and the role of the individual within different cultures.


We will begin the course by using e-mail only to communicate.
To send a message or response to EVERYONE in FUN101, address it to:

To submit an assignment or send a message to the INSTRUCTOR only:

I will provide everyone with a list of all FUN101 participants. I recommend that you put these names and addresses into your e-mail addressbook, as well as the addresses above.

Once we are comfortable with communicating through e-mail, I will introduce different ways we can communicate as a class on the Internet (this may include using a MOO, web page, etc.). By the end of the course, we should be able to meet in real time for a class session!


I am on the Internet a lot, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find me! But if you have something you want to discuss with me, I recommend that you set up an appointment in advance. We can meet in my office at schMOOze University (telnet 8888, login as guest) or we can use "talk" to chat.


All reading material will appear online. Some reading I will send directly to your e-mail account. Other readings will appear in the FUN web page.

Although there are many good reference resources available on the net, I highly recommend a good English-English dictionary in hard copy. My personal preference: _Longman Dictionary of American English_. (1983).


Before you write essays, you will be asked to read articles and respond to discussion questions. I want you to post these responses to the whole group, so we can all read each others' opinions. Then, after submitting your own responses, and reading those of others, you can respond to anything that strikes you as interesting.

You will submit your essays electronically by uploading them to the Review, correction and grading of assignments will be through private feedback from the instructor, plus peer reading at times. All assignments should be in ASCII format (i.e. typed or uploaded directly into your e-mail program), as FUN101 participants are all using different computers, software and e-mail programs.


You should be prepared to make frequent responses to the work and comments of other students and the instructor. Your participation is what will make this course a success!

You may complete assignments at your own pace, as long as you complete the work for each week by the end of that week. Assignments will be posted on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays of each week. These assignments are all due by Friday at noon, California time.

If you want to, you can log on once a week and do all of the assignments at one time (as long as you turn them in by Friday at noon). However, I would rather that you work on the assignments daily if possible, or at least every other day. Keeping class discussions going will make the course much more lively! If everyone does their work without interacting with each other, it wonÍt feel like much of a class.


You should be able to display a responsible attitude and behavior: reliability, respect for and cooperation with classmates, willingness to work calmly and courteously under difficult conditions, determination to achieve first-class work while meeting deadlines, respect for equipment and systems, and constructive response to criticism.

Because we will be dealing with personal issues at times, it is important to always respect the opinions of others, regardless of whether or not you agree. Treating a fellow student insensitively is cause for removal from the course. Remember, the course is designed to promote understanding, not reinforce stereotypes.


I highly recommend that each of you find someone at your university or school who will help you if you have technical problems. I will help as much as I can, but IÍm not a computer expert. My focus is on teaching English.


Response to question related to reading. Focus on ideas, not grammar.

Discussion Questions:
Questions of literal comprehension and understanding based on reading. Focus on ideas.

Notebook entry:
One-two page piece of writing in which you analyze or interpret, in detail, one particular point or aspect of a reading. Again, the focus is still on the ideas, but you should begin proofreading for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

A three-five page paper in which you develop a main idea, using supporting details and examples, with a particular audience in mind. Content is still the focus, but you are expected to proofread for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

GRADING SYSTEM: You will not receive a "grade" for this course, but will receive feedback from both your peers and instructor The following is a "scale" by which I will respond to your writing, to give you a sense of where you are in the development of your writing in English.

8) = excellent, professional and of the highest standard
:) = above average, superior quality
:| = fulfills assignment criteria to a satisfactory standard
:( = unsatisfactory work; please resubmit after conference with instructor
8( = unacceptable work; not passing

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