From: The Internet as an Educational Tool in ESOL Writing Instruction, by Karla Frizler (

  1. Please describe your ability to write in English.

  2. When do you feel MOST confident about writing in English?

  3. When do you feel LEAST confident about writing in English?

  4. In what ways has the Internet affected your WRITING ABILITY in English?

  5. In what ways has the Internet affected your CONFIDENCE in writing in English?

  6. Describe, if any, the Internet resources which have helped you improve your WRITING ABILITY in English.

  7. If another student asked for your advice on using the Internet to improve his/her writing in English, what would you tell him/her?

  8. Imagine you are the teacher of an English writing course on the Internet. What would you have your students do?

  9. Is there anything else you would like to add regarding using the Internet to learn English?

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