Evidence Proves Milan Skyscraper
Crash Was Not An "Accident"

Joe Vialls, 19 April 2002
           We think your name is Luigi Fasulo, the registered owner of a really neat little Rockwell Commander 112TC, a pocket rocket boasting a 200 horsepower turbocharged engine and a top speed in excess of two hundred miles per hour. We also think that  you took off from Locarno in Switzerland, but we cannot be sure about that.
            Sadly perhaps, like Frank Corder who allegedly crashed his Cessna into the White House on 11 September 1994, and young Charles Bishop who allegedly  flew his plane into the Bank America building in Florida, no-one actually saw you board the plane, and no-one actually saw you at the controls when the aircraft took off.
           When interviewed by Swiss television, Sandro Balestra, director of Locarno airfield, said you were known in the area for at least 30 years. The plane belonged to you.  Unfortunately at  the time of the takeoff, the control tower was closed but a radio registration system recorded the takeoff. The crash was recorded by Milan's Linate control tower.
          No one seems to know how old you are, with major media outlets reporting your age anywhere between sixty and seventy-six years of age. But that doesn’t matter now, does it? You are certainly dead now Luigi, though how you died is a bit of a mystery.
          Did you die a natural death, or were you killed and dumped down a disused mine shaft? Perhaps more likely, were you a silent and unconscious passenger aboard your treasured Rockwell, on  your last lonely flight into the financial center of Italy?
          No matter, perhaps you would like to know how well your little plane performed, even with the extra weight of a high-explosive payload on board. The planners  needed the extra high-explosive  to cause serious damage to the building, because Charles Bishop’s slow bumbling Cessna was a bit of a flop last year, tail fin sticking out of the side of the Bank America building for all to see.
.          And of course they needed your little Rockwell plane because of its high speed, ensuring there would be sufficient inertia to penetrate the financial center before exploding.
         The remote controls worked perfectly Luigi, and so did your little plane. You would be so proud of your little Rockwell if you were still alive!  The official photos show a near-perfect strike in the dead center of two floors, not even a five foot error up or down. Quite brilliant!
          Mind you, your little plane has caused quite a stir in the other financial centers around the world, with stocks and shares taking a beating because of what the media reported as your “Accident”. 
          The experts didn’t believe the media 'New Spe?ak' about the attack being an accident, any more than you or I. Perhaps it was simply another timely warning to the “New World Order” to back off, back off right now, before it is all too late.

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The author is a former member of the Society of Licenced
Aeronautical Engineers and Technologists, London

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in the interests of public safety.