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Batwoman This is a somewhat altered costume for Kathy Kane, the Batwoman from the 1950's and 1960's, for use with the Alchemiss mesh, based on her original appearance in Detective Comics #233.

Kathy Kane, wealthy society debutante and former circus performer, became Batwoman in Detective Comics #233 in 1956. She was very similar to the Batgirl character from the Adam West TV show of the 1960's. She rode a motorcycle, and had her own version of the Batcave.

In addition to her rope swinging and acrobatic trapeze/circus skills, she had a variety of "girly" weapons at her disposal. These included smoke bomb style "Powder Puffs" that enveloped criminals in a cloud of "talcum powder", "Charm Bracelet" handcuffs, a "Compact Mirror" to reflect light into people's faces, a "Perfume Flask" of "Tear Gas No. 51," and a giant, super-strong "Hairnet" to ensnare wrongdoers. She could also throw her weighted purse at criminals as a "Bat Bolo."

While a skilled hero in her own right, she never got the respect she deserved from the Dynamic Duo because she was "just a girl."


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