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The Batman from Planet X
Batman from Planet X From Batman #113... Batman is transported to the planet Zur-En-Arrh (also known as Planet X) where he meets this alien version of himself.

This skin is based on a character from Batman #113* in a story entitled "Batman - The Superman of Planet X." In this story, Bruce Wayne is mysteriously compelled to dress up as Batman without waking up Robin (Robin is sleeping in the same bedroom as Batman, but in a separate bed, "I Love Lucy"-style!). He then starts flying around in his Batplane for no reason, and is then mysteriously teleported across the universe to the planet Zur-En-Arrh, which Batman also refers to as "Planet X (I guess Zur-En-Arrh was too hard to pronounce)."

Here he meets his smiling alien counterpart, The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh! This alien Batman has been studying the exploits of Earth's Batman through a telescope(!) and has decided to be just like The Bat. Like Batman, the alien has a secret identity as "Tlano the Scientist," as well as a Batcave stocked with super-scientific gizmos such as his rocketship Batplane (strangely, this Batplane has the logo of Superman's robot sidekick "Powerman**" on it's side instead of a bat -- I guess Tlano must have been watching Powerman with his telescope, too!), and his mysterious "Bat-Radia" which "issues electronic molecules that cause controlled disturbances in the atmosphere."

The best part of this story is that on this planet, Earthlings gain super-powers, just like Kryptonians do on Earth. It turns out that Tlano needs the help of a super-powered Batman to fight off an invasion of evil aliens armed with giant robots! Afterwards, Tlano gives Batman the Bat-Radia for his trophy collection, and teleports him back to his Batplane, where Batman finds that only a few seconds have passed since he left earth, even though hours had gone by on Planet X. The story ends with a grinning Batman commenting that it all could have been a dream -- except for the fact that he now holds a Bat-Radia in his hand!

*Batman #113: "Batman - The Superman of Planet X" is reprinted in the "Batman in the Fifties" trade paperback.

**Powerman first appeared in World's Finest #94: "The Origin of the Superman-Batman Team," and is reprinted in "The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told" trade paperback.


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