#8 Chicago TV Newsbabe

Linda Kollmeyer

I know, Linda isn't a newsperson, but it's my damn list, so tough. She is smack dab in the middle of the WGN Nine O'Clock News, giving us the winning lottery numbers. I sometimes watch "Illinois Instant Riches", just to watch Linda. According to her official bio, she is a registered nurse, a personal fitness trainer, and an actress in TV shows and commercials (a recent "Mr Clean" ad featured Our Linda). When I win Lotto, one of my first purchases will be the services of Linda as my personal trainer. And on top of that, I hear she's an excellent golfer, with a hole-in-one in her bag!
In our judging, Linda recieved the following scores:
Body: 8
Beauty: 4
Congeniality: 5
Total: 17

I would like to add some content here for the May 2000 edition of "CTVN". The revenues for the Illinois Lottery have gone down in the past couple of years...hey, knuckleheads, can I offer a suggestion as to why? It might be because you don't have Linda on enough for the evening drawings...the only other woman I notice on there is Jeannette Rivera (for the non-existant Hispanic market, I would guess...no matter, Jeanette has really spiffed herself up nicely...she may win herself a spot on here, herself). But I really don't like that John Conrad guy they trot out sometimes...and the absolute worst is that Dean Richards! I want to heave when he comes on, I can't change channels fast enough! Think back, Lottery geniuses...when was your greatest success? It was back when you had the drawing on during the Channel 2 news at 10, and had a full staff of lovely ladies, dressed up in evening wear!

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