New Members
Role of Rockbank Fire Brigade

Our fire brigade has been delivering a great fire service to the Rockbank Area for over 47 years.

We are a volunteer fire brigade committed to
creating a safer community.  We respond to fire and emergency calls, participate in community activities and deliver community education programs.
Training Provided

We Provide training to all new recruits who want to take on a firefighting role.  The training is aligned with national compentency standards and much of it can be used in your personal and work life.  It includes:

* pump operation
* basic fireground      
* fire safety awareness
* fire equipment     
We need your help !

We are looking for people to join us to continue this important work !
You don't have to be a firefighter to be a member of the brigade. There are many ways that you can make a valuable contribution.
We are looking for people who are:
* dedicated to the community         
* self motivated
* reliable & honest       
* team players
* willing to learn                                 
* available to attend brigade activities regularly
Other training can include:

* first aid training
* endorsed truck licence
* leadership training
* specialized courses    
   conducted at CFA's
   training colleges
We're looking for people to help with:

* brigade administration
* community education
* community safety programs
* fundraising
* training co-ordination
* equipment support &       
* media and public relations
Where can I get        more        
information ?

   For brigade      information:
1800 677 813
Free Call
Whats the time commitment ?

You can choose how much time you have available to dedicate to CFA.  It's up to you and your family.  We have brigade meetings the first Monday of every month and training sessions every other Monday night.
Make a contribution to your community and you will make new friends, learn new skills and be part of Victoria's largest volunteer team !