Estes Silver Comet
EST 2141

My very first D Rocket, and one of my more snazy ones too. This thing is very wide, and on a D it still only goes 500 ft, but that's good. It means a slow and loud flight.

LENGTH: 63.5cm/25"
DIAMETER: 66mm/2.6"
ENGINES: D12-3, D12-5
MAX ALT: 480 ft.
RECOVERY: 18" parachute

Launch Log

Flight # Date Engine Weather Comments
1 1/9/00 D12-3 Light breeze My first D flight ever!! Flew great, but burnt a good sized hole in the parachute. It's fine though.
2 3/26/00 D12-3 No wind Good flight, good recovery. One fin was almost fell off. I don't know if it happened in the air or when it hit the ground.
3 5/20/00 D12-3 Lt wind Good flight, good recovery.
4 6/14/00 D12-3 Lt. wind Landed in the woods... somewhere.
We looked for it two more times after the day it was lost... this rocket is gone. I liked it too.

3/26/00 On a D12-3