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U. S. 1 - A Scenic Highway

Two Counties and 15 Cities worked to make US 1 a designated Scenic Highway from Titusville to the Wabassau Causeway in Indian River County.  The designation was awarded spring of 2000.

View the  Florida Department of Transportation, FDOT's Scenic Highways manual at:

To contact the Public Involvement Program (PIP) please see

The following are excerpts taken from the FDOT manual on Scenic highways:

The primary benefit of a Florida Scenic Highway designation is the opportunity to preserve, protect, maintain and enhance the intrinsic resources identified as important to the particular region for the enjoyment of all citizens and visitors.

The 6 intrinsic resources identified in the Scenic Highways Program are:

1. Cultural Resources - traditions, values, customs and arts of social groups 

2. Historic Resources - reflect human actions evident in past events, sites or structures 

3. Archeological Resources - embody the physical evidence or remains of human life, activities or cultures

4. Recreational Resources - highlight activities dependent upon the natural elements of the landscape 

5. Natural Resources - those natural landscapes showing little or no disruption by humans

6. Scenic Resources - combinations of natural and man-made features that give the visual landscape remarkable character and significance.

The purpose of this manual is to explain the intent of a scenic highway designation and to provide the analyst with information on how to evaluate impacts of proposed road projects on the scenic corridor and take into consideration direct, indirect and cumulative impacts on the corridor's intrinsic resources.  The purpose of the analysis is to determine the effects that the proposed project will have on the stability and quality of the designated scenic corridor and it's resources. 

To contact the Public Involvement Program (PIP) please see