Descendants of

Peter McCune Sr. 


The earliest record we have of our Mccune family is Peter Mccune born 1748, somewhere in Ireland.There has been several articles written about him or mentioning his name,as an early pioneer to the area of central West Virginia. As a Soldier ,an indian fighter,an one source refers to him as a man of raw character, Whose abilities in the wilderness enabled him to help others who were not as seasoned as himself. He has left many descendants behind and his history to us is a continuing search.

Peter Mccune enlisted in the Continental Army in 1777, under Captain John Lewis and Colonel Henias Morgan of the 2nd Virginia Regiment. In 1778 he reenlisted


Veteran Name: Peter McCune Years: 3

Warrant ID : 2882.0 Acres: 200

Rank: Sergeant Unit: Virginia Continental Line

Branch: unknown Date: 4/5/1784

This was a land warrant giving Peter McCune 200 acres of land, for his 3 years of in the service in the Revolutionary War.



Service : Virginia VA no. 7165 no. W. 7412;

Born,1748; died 6-15-1832.Enlisted, Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania,1778,and served as private 3 years under Captains Campbell and Lewis, Ninth Virginia Regiment Continental line, commanded by Colonel Gibson.Married. Peter married 1-13-1781 at Ft.Richards, Monongalia County,Virginia, to Christiana O'Brien,with the Rev. Edwards officating.

Soldier received penison in Lewis County in 1819,and widow, aged 72 in 1836, received her pension also. They had 10 children__4 daughters and 6 sons. Supporting claims were filed for them by Adam Flesher and Elijah Runion.

His pension was 8 dollars a month. He served 3 years. (1778-81)

Peter McCune at the age of 33, married Christiana O'Brien age 17, some sources say they lied about her age and she was only 14. Her father was Adam O'Brien , Adam had been married to several different women so we do not know which was the mother of Christiana. Peter was a soldier at Ft. Richards when they met. After their marriage Peter continued to fight against the indians in the area for several months with Christiana on his arm. He and Adam O'Brien were very good friends. Apparently the two families stayed close together wherever they lived.

Adam O'Brien and Peter Mccune were considered two of the early pioneers to explore Central West Virginia. Including the Counties of Gilmer, Calhoun,and Roane, all the way to the Ohio River.

In 1784 Peter received 200 acres of land on Rooting Creek, Monongalia County (then Virginia). For his service in the American Revolution. (Rooting Creek is near the present day boundaries of Upshur and Babour Counties). 

In the 1785 U.S. census, It lists Peter Mccune, 2 whites in Harrison County.

By the year 1810 Peter had built the first home on what is now called Dekalb District, at the mouth of Leading Creek. Gilmer County. In 1815 he is given credit for building the first cabin in what is now known as Washington District , Calhoun County. 


1. Children of Peter Sr. and Christina (O'Brien) Mccune.

2. Mary (born 1785--died 1833) married George Bush 12-27-1804.

2nd marriage Thomas Holsten Barnhouse on 8-7-1823 in Lewis Co. He was born 1803

Randolph Co / died 1860 Calhoun Co.

3. Catherine (born apx 1782-90) married Anthony Parsons on 7-3-1807 (born 1782)

4. Patrick (born 1791-died 1848) married Mary__?

5. Peter J. (JR.) (born 7-1-1796 / died 8-18-1867) married Margaret Bush on 10-10-1815, (born 12-24-1799 /

died 1884). D/o George Adam Bush Jr. They had 11-12 children.

6. Timothy (born1797) married Anna Canbury Helmick on 1-29-1829,later she married

Daniel Sharp 5-2-1861 Calhoun County.

7. Westbrook (born 1799)

8. Daniel F. (born 1800 --Died 1849-50) married Rebecca Nichols (born 1805) date of marriage

unknown. They had 11 possibly 12 children. Rebecca was the daughter of Levan and Margaret (Peggy) Mace

Nichols. Daniel died in the Richmond State Penitentiary while he was serving time for murder.

9. Rachel (born 3-31-1803--died 8-15-1885) married John Wright on 11-21-1821

10. Christiana (born 1804--died mar. 1879) married Squire Barnabus Cook in 1820,he was born 1825. 

According to other sources these are also possible children of Peter and Christiana:

11. Nancy (born 4-13-1817--died 10-13-1899) married Jacob Booher in 1833. (b) 1814 (d) 1888

12. Cynthia (born1819)

13. Phoebe (born 1820) married Basil Wright 

Don Norman has compiled a lot of information on families in central West Virginia.

This is a link to Don Norman's Page on McCunes.


(2.) Children of Mary (McCune) and George Bush

a. Sam McCune (b) 1817 Sam the varment killed by his uncle Timothy (Out of wedlock)

b. Rachel Bush (b) 1818

(2.1) Children of Mary (McCune) and Thomas Barnhouse

a. Willis O. Barnhouse (d) 5-2-1821 / Died 4-2-1909

b. Keziah Barnhouse (b) 11-28-1821 / Died 2-17-1897

c. Mary P. Barnhouse (b) apx 1823

d. Christina Barnhouse (b) 1827

e. James Barnhouse (b) 1828 - 14136


(3.) Children of Catherine (McCune) and Anthony Parsons

a. Mary Parsons (b) 1795

b. Christina Elvira Parsons (b) 1811

(4.) Children of Patrick McCune and Mary ?

a. Samuel McCune (b) 1813

(5.) Children of Peter J. and Margaret (Bush) McCune

a. Joseph McCune (b) 1822-25, (m) Christina Wright on 2-15-1846, Jackson County ( 11 children found)

1. Rachel McCune (b) 1840, 2.Mary (b) 1844, 3.Elner Jane (b) 1846, 4. Margaret (b) 1847,

5. Joseph (b) 1849, 6. Okey 1850, 7. John B. (b) 1856, 8.Ilejeh (b)1859, 9. Peter S.? (b) 1863,

10. Christina (b) 1866, 11. Leah (b) 1869.

b. Eleanor McCune (b) 11-10-1824. (m) Rollo Butcher 1866, (6 children found) 1, John H., 2. Oscar,

3. Josephine E., 4. Webester, 5. Nimron, 6. Newman.

c. Elizabeth J. McCune (b) 1825

d. Catherine McCune (b) 1827. (m) George Washington Turner on 4-12-1857.He was born 1826.

e. Paulcer B. McCune (b) 1830. (m) Elizabeth Susan Drennen. (4 children found)

1. Timothy (b) 1861, 2. Henry H. (b) 5-21-1866, 3. Lillian W. (b) 1869, 4. Gilbert (b) 1871

his 3rd marriage was to Samatha Carpenter (2 children)

5. F.L.(b) 1855, 6. G.L. (b) ?.. Records show that Paulcer was married 4 times.

f. Daniel W. (b) 1833-34

g. Timothy McCune (b) 11-11-1838.(m) Sarah Jane Smith on 5-24-1858, she was born 1840.

(found 6 children) 1. Noah W. (b) 5-10-1859 (d) 11-15-1860

2. O'Jennings (Ode) Wise (b) 5-21-1861, 3. Malvern H. 10-14-1866,

4.Charles H. (b) Oct.1868, 5. Minnie L.(b) 1-6-1872, 6. Eva D.(b) 3-21-1877 (d) 2-12-1878.

h. John H. McCune (b) 1838-39. (d) 1862 Died during Civil War.

i. Gilbert B. McCune (b) 1840-41

j. Susannah McCune(b) 1843. (m) Bartley Bee on 8-14-1875.


(6.) Children of Timothy and Anna Canbury (Helmick) McCune

a. Sabra McCune (b) apx 1839 Kan. Co. (m) Samuel McCune on 9-6-1860, she was 21, he was 47

She later Married Daniel Sharp age 43 on5-2-1861.

b. Jacob Newton McCune (b) 1797. (d) Jan.1861

c. Peregrine McCune (b) 1848

d. George Payton McCune (b) 1851

e. Alexander McCune (b) 1855

f. Judson M. McCune (b) 1859


The following descendants of Daniel F. McCune Family are in my direct family.

This is one of the many branches of Peter Mccune SR.

(7.) Daniel F. Mccune and Rebecca Nichols

A very helpful book entitled "COL. D.S. Deweese' RECOLLECTIONS AND EXPERIENCES of a LIFETIME" by Aristotle Smith .He tells that Daniel was a member of a group that called themselves "the Hellfire band".Roving from place to place claiming to protect and preserve the wilderness on the West fork of the Little Kanawha River. Jonathan Nichols (a 1st cousin of Rebecca Nichols) was in charge of building on the road through the West Fork area. On the night of April 8,1843 Jonathan was shot and killed by a bullet that was fired through his door. There were 4 men charged and convicted of that murder, Jackson Cottrell, Daniel Mccune, Joseph Parsons and Alexander Turner. The hearing took place in Charleston, WV. Jackson Cottrell was only 17 at the time of the murder, was pardoned after serving 5 years. Daniel Mccune was convicted of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 18 years in the Richmond Penitentiary. There he died. Joseph W. Parsons (Brother of Martha (Patty) Parsons) was sentenced to 2-5 years. William Alexander Turner was sentenced to 18 years Turner died on the road to the penitentiary. Parsons died soon after going to the penitentiary. Daniel lived for 2-3 years after Cottrell was pardoned.

After Daniel's death Rebecca married Jacob McElwain.

In an attempt to find Daniel's burial site we contacted the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond,Va and we were told that prior to 1856-57, bodies that were not claimed by anyone were given to the Commonwealth Medical Hospital for research, during that time.


Children of Daniel and Rebecca (Nichols) McCune

a. Margaret (b)12-11-1819.(m) Morris Short . They had 7 known children as follows: 1. David (b) 1838,

2. Rebecca (b) 1840, 3. Peter (b) 1842, 4. Hiram (b) 1843, 5. Jacob (b) 1845,

6. Doddridge (b) 1847, 7. Eliza J. (b) 1850. 

b. Peter (b) 2-17-1822,(m) Martha (Patty) Parsons on 4-9-1840, she was (b) 1817.She was the daughter of

Joseph and Elizabeth (Bush) Parsons. They had 6 known children as follows:

1. Margaret (b) 1840, 2. Rebecca (b) 1843, 3. Paulcer (b) 1847, 4. Peter P. (b) 9-18-1849,

5. Pleasant (T.P.) (b) 1853-57, 6. Martha Ann (b) 1855.

c. Mary (b) 11-29-1824 (m) Samuel Schoolcraft on 4-18-1853 in Kanawha Co..He was (b) 1828. They

had 4 known children. Taken from the 1860 census of Jackson Co. They were living

in the household of Jackson Hall along with the family of Peter and Martha McCune.

1. Emiline (b)1850, 2. Eliza (b) 1853, 3. Joseph (Joe ?) (b)1858, 4. Cathern (b) 1855. 

d. Barnabus Cook (b) 2-15-1826 (m) Elizabeth Drennen on 3-10-1852,Kanawha Co. She was (b) 1836.

Barnabus died in the Civil War. They had 4 known children as follows:

1. Peter P.(orD) (b) 6-20-1856, 2. William H. (b) 11-20-1858, 3. Milletta (b) 1864, 4. Mary E.

e. James (b) 4-10-1828. (m) Mary Barnhouse (b) 1833. Daughter of Thomas and Mary (McCune)

Barnhouse. (Grand daughter of Peter McCune, his 1st cousin.)

James was a Union soldier in the Co B. 9th Infantry.They had 6 children as follows:

1. James E. (b) 1850, 2. Ruhama S. (b) 1852. 3. Barnabus C. (b) 1855,

4.Drusilla M. (b) 5-4-1856,/57, 5.Thomas H. (b) 1860, 6. Sarah M. (b) 1864. 

f. Isaac (b) 4-11-1830

g. Elizabeth (b) 4-22-1832

h. Solomon (b) 2-6-1836. (m) Bethany Tanner on 4-6-1861, she was born 1829. He was 27,she was 32

at the time of their marriage. Her parents were Abraham & Fair Sabra (Connolly) Helmick.

Another record shows he later married Rachel Mace 4-16-1864.

Children of Solomon & Bethany are as follows:

1. John (b) 1859, 2. Mary (b) 1861

Children of Solomon & Rachel are as follows:

3. James (b) 1869.  

i. Mahala Martha (b) 4-28-1838. (m) Hagle Michael Schoolcraft on 1-25-1853 in Kanawha Co. 

j. Christena (b) 6-11-1840 (m) Jacob Naylor on 12-4-1863 in Kanawha Co. He was born in 1826.

k. William Harrison "Billy" (b) 9-28-1842 (m) Mary Jane Reed on 9-27-1866 in Calhoun Co. He was

23, she was 20.She was born around 1846. (Calhoun Marriage licenses 1865-1899).

William served in Civil War, Union Co B 9th Wva Infantry Volunteers. He was wounded at

Cedar Creek, Va. They had 9 children as follows: (Calhoun Co. Births)

1. Harrison H. (b) 9-11-1867, Calhoun Co., 2. Ulysses Grant (b) 1873 (d) 1931,

3. George W. (b) 1876 (d) 1931, 4. Patrick (b) 1898 (d) 1942, 5. Benjamin 7-14-1890, 6. Jane,

7. Nancy, 8. Rose, 9. Lucy.

l. Jane (b) 1844. (m) Peter Connolly on 4-14-1864 (Calhoun Co.Marr.), he was born 1845.


(8.) Children of Rachel (McCune) and John Wright

a. George Wright married Isabelle Tanner

b. Sarah Jane Wright married William W. Clarkson

c. Christina P. Wright married Joseph P. McCune

d. James M. Wright

e. Andrew Jackson Wright married Emeline Norman

f. Thomas Alfred Wright married Nancy Jane Wynes

g. Hulda C. Wright married Henderson Petty

h. Nancy A. Wright married William Houchin

i. Lucinda Wright married James H. Bredwell

j. Yelia Feebe Wright Married Abraham William Hickman

k. Henderson W. Wright

l. Basil N. Wright married Phoebe Knopp

m. Florence A.


(9.) Children of Christina (McCune) and Barnabus Cook

a. Elizabeth Cook (b) 1822, (d) 1892. (m) Joseph Parsons (1st), James Murphy (2nd) on 6-29-1849.

b. Christina Cook (b) 2-4-1824, (d) 6-23-1905. (m) James A. Rogers (1st), Samuel Martin (2nd)

c. Martha Cook (b) 1825

e. Peter Cook (b) 1827 (d)12-1-1905 married Mary Butler on 10-11-1878

f. John Cook (b) 1829

g. Barnabus Snow Cook (b) 6-10-1832 married Sarah Jane Truman on 9-7-1851.He later

marriedEmeline (Justice) Taylor.

h. Saul Cook (b) 1-1-1833 married Sarah Jane Truman on 8-4-1851.

i. Timothy Cook (b) 3-10-1834 (d) 9-5-1915 married Chloe Lewis

j. Catherine Cook (b) 1835

k. Jane Cook (b) 1832

l. Simeon Cook (b) 1845 (d) 3-28-1862

m. Thankful Cook (b) 1850 married Isaac Nichols. Later she married William Moore on 11-18-1888.


(10.) Children of Nancy (McCune) and Jacob Booher

a. Peter Booher (b) 1836 married Mark A Sink

b. Jemima Booher (b) 11-10-1839, (d) 3-8-1921 married Reason Smith on 12-17-1857 in Calhoun County.

c. Asenith Booher (b) 1842 (d) 1927 married William Zinn Norman

d. Malissa Booher (b) 1844 (d) 1924 married ? Tanner

e. Margaret Booher (b) 1848 (d) 1898 married Isaac Starcher 3-10-1866

f. Martha Booher (b) 1853 (d) 1899 married Daniel Corbett on 7-12-1874

g. John J. Booher (b) 1855 (d) 1939 married Sarah Starcher

h. Victoria


(11.) Children of Cynthia McCune

Sources say that Cynthia had this child out of wedlock by James Nutter.

a. Nancy (Nutter) McCune





(Patrick McCune and Mary ? )

(4a.) Children of Samuel and Elizabeth (Butler) McCune

This gets a little confusing here I'm not 110% sure Samuel is the son of Patrick. Some sources refer to James and Mary as being his Parents. But Samuel is far to old to be a son of James. This is just speculation on my part. But Samuel has a long tree so I wanted to include it.

a. Samuel (m) Elizabeth (Butler) McCune

These children were listed in the household with both of them in the Gilmer County Census of 1850.

Also listed Elizabeth as the housekeeper??? But Later in the Calhoun County marriages it lists

James as referring to his parents as Samuel and Elizabeth McCune.

Known children:

(1). James (b) 1-31-1839 (d) 2-23-1825 married Julia Ann Burnside on 8-22-1861 in Calhoun County.

She was (b) 1845. They had 8 known children:

a. John H. McCune (b) 1868

b. Peter M. McCune (b) 1869

c. Elizabeth McCune (b) 1871

d. Thomas McCune (b) 1879 (Twin)

e. Sarah McCune (b) 1879 (Twin)

f. Joshua McCune (b) 1882

g. Julia A McCune (b) 1886

h. James S. McCune (b) 1887

Apparently his wife Julia Ann died before 1889. On 5-5-1889 James married Levina Bell Nice

and the had the following children.

i. Elsworth McCune (b) 1989

j. Ernest McCune (b) 1895

k. Henry McCune (b) 1898

l. Amanda McCune (b) 1900


(Daniel F. and Rebecca (Nichols) McCune)

(7b.) Children of Peter and Martha (Patty) Parsons McCune

In 1860 the family was found in Jackson County Census, living in the household

of Jackson Hall. The father Peter was in found in this census.

(4.) Peter P. McCune (b) 9-18-1849 (d) 4-3-1906 married Mary Elizabeth Boone (b) 3-3-1841 (d) 3-8-1916. They had 3 known children:

a. Thomas P. McCune (b) 4-3-1876 married Della Wayne.

They had one known Child Minnie McCune (b) 6-28-1909.

b. Peter M. McCune (b) 1-9-1880 married Willa Bourne. They had 8 known children.

Ralph McCune (b) 1-29-1915

Bruce McCune (b) 8-1-1816

Stacey McCune (b) 11-30-1917

Norville McCune (b) 8-5-1919

In the Calhoun County index to births Norville is listed as Theodore.

According to Bruce and Norville there was no Theodore.

Dowe McCune (b) 12-15-1921

Daw McCune (b) 2-15-1922

Plez McCune (b) 11-25-1923

Vona McCune (b) 10-14-1925

c. Solomon McCune (Saul) (b) 3-17-1884 

(5.) Thomas Pleasant McCune (b) 1853-57 1st married Hulda Graham on 10-21-1870 Roane County

On 6-29-1885 he married Elizabeth P or B. Rose (b) April 1869. They had 12 children:

a. Cora M. McCune (b) 6-1-1886 married Jesse Samples on 4-24-1908. They had 3 children.

b. Flora McCune (b) June 1887.

c. Peter Edward McCune (b) 5-20-1889 (d) 7-28-1961 married Ella Marie Ledsome on 1-28-1914.

(b) 3-2-1894 (d) 2-2-1962 . They had 10 children.

d. Preston Nutter McCune (b) 3-15-1891 (d) Jan 1969 married Della Mae Ledsome on 1-6-1923

(b) 4-4-1903 (d) 7-11-1977. They had 11 children.

e. Thomas P. McCune (b) 5-24-1894 (d) 6-6-1924 married Bessie McGlothin on 8-2-1919.

They had 2 children.

f. Rebecca V. McCune (b) 4-17-1996 (Twin)

g. Fannie McCune (b) 4-17-1996 (Twin)

h. Phebe (F.A.) McCune (b) 6-3-1899

i. Stella J. McCune (b) 9-8-1902

j. Jonathan (John) Joseph McCune (b) 5-12-1905 (d) 10-19-1982 married Maggie Opal Honaker

on 2-16-1929. (b) 6-5-1913 (d) 1-3-1982.

k. William (Willie) McCune (b) 4-21-1907

l. Prudie McCune (b) Jan. 1909


For more information on the Thomas Pleasant (Plez) McCune Family See

"Thomas Pleasant McCune Family History"


(7.f) Children of Solomon and Bethany McCune

1. John Samuel (b) 1859 married Sarah C.(Honaker) McCune on 10-22-1878 in Roane County.

She was (b) 1856 Calhoun County (d) prior to 1900. Sarah died prior to 1900.

They had 13 children

a. Samuel L. McCune (b) 9-16-1879,

b. Catherine McCune (b) 1881

c. Martha E. McCune (b) 9-30-1882,

d. Gilbert S. McCune (b) 1883

e. Sarah A. McCune (b) 1884 married Robert Snodgrass (b) Nov. 1877

f. Margaret McCune (b) 3-1-1884,

g. Emma M. McCune (b) 9-29-1885

h. Joseph Lee McCune (b) 4-26-1887

i. Debbie F. McCune (b) April 1889

j. Dayton McCune (b) 4-2-1891 (Twin)

k. Clayton McCune (b) 4-2-1891 (Twin)

l. Berthy A. McCune (b) Nov. 1894

m. Sandra J. McCune (b) July 1896


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