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Hi! My name is Katrina. Most of my friends call me Kat (or Kitty, or Kitty-Kat, or well, you get the point). I'm 22 years old, and I live in Michigan. I'm currently attending community college, and will transfer to Eastern Michigan University in the fall for the History and Historical Preservation programs. I work part time at Bath and Body Works, and the managers are cool so I'm happy! I'm into medieval and renaissance history, and have participated in the Grand Valley State University Renaissance Festival. I'm a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the International Honor Society (of the two-year college), so I'm active with that. I've been lucky and have gotten to travel quite a bit, and I've been to some pretty cool places (Australia, England, Germany...), and might get to Italy some time in the next few years. I also have chronic migraine headaches, so I've posted some information about migraines on my site. If you've got any suggestions for my site, e-mail me or sign the guestbook. This is kind of a crappy webpage (which I update about twice a year), so you should probably look at the Blog if you actually want a glimpse of my personality.

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A word of advice: Always make sure the lid to the Orange Juice carton is closed BEFORE shaking.

You know how they have the "Antiques Road Show?" Well, I've been thinking about starting up a "Tacky Crap Roadshow," where I'd tell people how much they'd have to pay me to take their tacky crap from them.

Jedi Knights must really hate playing "Hide and Seek" with that whole "I can sense where you are" thing. On the same note, Darth Vader must have hated it even more with that whole breathing issue of his.


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