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Check out my friend on this cool block. Minnow
(psssst, be nice to Minnow, he thinks he's a fish, that's him the little one in the middle),<

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Here's a wee bit about me.
In case you're interested.

Birth Date: 5/24/58
Birth place: Aurora, Illinois
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 155
Hair: yes, brown
Eyes: hazel

Here's my pal, Barney

Barney's an Amazon Blue Front, domestically raised of course. He has a vocabulary of around thirty words and phrases, all clean unfortunately. I'm still trying though...

Biomedical Engineer.....(15 years)

High School:
Naples High School.....Class of '76 Go Trojans!
Naples, Florida

(I grew up in Naples)

Here's where I spent a great deal of my childhood, fishing. I caught many a fish from the end of this pier. When I was 17, I fell in love on this pier. Becky's her name. Whatever happened to her? Ask me, I'll tell you.

Three years in the Army
Ft. Carson, Colorado

I attended The University of Kansas...
Class of '84 B.S.E.E.

Go Jayhawks


Science.....Wanna ask Dr Science a question? Click here


Music!....I love all kinds of music, except opera.
I have almost 2000 CD's. Classic rock and new age jazz are my favorites. I got most of my CD's through one of these CD clubs. BMG or Columbia House

Check out my favorite radio station. Chicago's own WXRT

Snow and water sking

Cars! I love my '99 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP!! (Mine's black though...)

Nature and consevation...


Wanna see some cool Jeeps?

Here are some good groups who I donate money to.
The Nature Conservancy
World Wildlife Fund

Camping...We have a pop up camper that we pull around with our Jeep.

Hiking and biking...on my camping trips, of course

Woodworking...I love to make furniture. My favorite wood to use is white birch. Nothing in the world like the smell of wood being worked.

Exercise....I exercise and try to eat right. I have a small gym in my basement at home that I use as much as possible

Wanna send me an E? Here's my e-mail

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Love Is...


Dear God

Romeo & Juliet

Nothing But A Woman

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