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My Home Page is hopelessly out of date. My kids are in school, and my killer shelties, Lady and Shelby, are both in doggie heaven now. So what's up? Well, I have 2 "new" shelties, Mr. Tibbs and Angel, who are rescue dogs. My youngest kiddo is in preschool and my oldest in college. I'm working on my Master's degree. And Rod is still pursuing his many business ideas. Yes, I still have my Porsche.

My latest pursuit is a former client who stiffed me for a lot of jack. I have a judgement against him, but can't seem to collect. I'd love to tell you more about it, but my husband doesn't want me to create any potential liabilities by discussing details. So let's just say that I am very angry, and I believe I am being treated unjustly in part because I am a woman.


I've added a guestbook. Please add yourself to the guestbook and let me know you visited. Just for fun, take a look to see if anyone you know (or just plain anyone) has been here.

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