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According to my Grandparents, I am Cherokee and Chippewa by blood. In my many years I've been blessed with the teachings of other Indian Nations, as well, so you will find a mix of Native beliefs within my site. "Longhouse of the Spirit" is not so much to educate people about the particular Iroquois dwelling, but what the People teach of Life, Death, Law, Respect, Family and Spirit.

People of the Cherokee, Mohegan, Pequot, Narragansette, Wampanoag, Abenake, Mohawk, Lakota and Cree, and others, became a part of my extended family. They are great teachers and friends, who taught important life ways and traditions.
What I enjoyed most was the feeling of community and family.

Within the traditional "Longhouse" of the Iroquois, several family groups resided. Tolerance was necessary. As many as five or six families of the same matrilinial clan resided within the walls of the longhouse. Family and community are the most important aspects of these Peoples' lives. Acceptance and tolerance of those unlike themselves has been a part of their histories. I respect these people and honor them by living what they taught me and by giving their teachings a place here in the "Longhouse of the Spirit".

Many of these teachers, such as Grandfather Red Turtle, Two Hawks, Goodheart, Fire Eyes, Laughing Woman, Eagle Wings, Waz'C ka, Wanestu, Chief Strong Horse, Queen Rippling Waters, Tez Red Thundercloud, Roaring Winds, and so many others, have inspired me and I've kept their spirit with me. So, in rememberance of their teachings and their spirit, and to honor them again, I have created
They have such spirit and individual personality, and they make me smile.

Please visit my Medicine Lodge for spiritual teachings.

My People Are Like the Corn

So long as there is but one seed of corn, one tear to remember it, the Earth Mother to nourish it and the Sun to smile upon it; just as the Pequots and the Mohegans, long believed to be extinct, returned in great numbers; a field of Indian corn, of many colors, will rise again to celebrate the Creator. The indigenous peoples of North America will always return. They cannot be erased. This is the land Grandfather entrusted to them.
by Sharon Spirit Woman

Who Are You?

Although most of us are made up of several different bloods and backgrounds, we tend to identify with or focus on just one or two. As in my own case. My mother raised me to know I was "German, Dutch, Scotch-Irish, Danish, English, Black Dutch and Cherokee Indian". My greatest interest throughout my life has been that of the Black Dutch and Cherokee part of me. I always believed that was who I was.

I was raised in the mainstream White culture, of course, but when I set out on my own, I traveled to the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation. I went to the BIA office to seek answers. When I told my ancestral story of my Great-Great-Grandfather having been adopted by whites, the Director curtly told me that I would never be considered Cherokee, nor would any of my descendants! I was horrified and certainly became depressed. If not Cherokee, then who was I?

As we do, I moved on with my life and after relocating to New England, I was blessed with the opportunity to be immersed in the Native American community there. For years I learned at the feet of some very interesting and wonderful teachers. When we moved to Virginia, I again was welcomed into a Native Community. I've lived more than half my life among American Indians, learning their life ways and feeling closer to God, the Creator, than I ever had before in my childhood. I may not be able to prove my Native blood to this day, but I have lived the life and this is where I've felt the most comfortable in my own skin. I'm now in Oklahoma. Indian Territory. And all the Cherokee people I've met have been warm and welcoming!

It's important for us to know who we are. Each one of us serves a purpose and it is up to us to discover what that purpose is. No matter what blood runs through your veins, no matter what part of the world you or your ancestors came from, know who you are, and remember that we are all connected. We share the same water, breathe the same air, see the same moon and stars and are warmed by the same sun. And we all live together on this same earth.

Diversity is a wonderful thing. It makes life interesting. Even the negative aspects of diversity give us pause to ponder. If we were all alike, life would be boring. We'd have little to discuss and the ignorant people would have no one to talk about.

How can we hate what we are a part of? How can we be prejudiced toward any one race of people when our ancestors of different races found each other and made families from which "we" were created?

Whatever God made you to be, you should be proud to be! And NO ONE has the right to put you down for the color of your skin, or the traditions you live with. Be proud of who and what you are!


The SPARKS Family

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Within the Native American race, there are "White" Indians and "Black" Indians. There are "Latino or Hispanic" Indians. Why? Because the British, French, Scottish and Germans came to this country and by various methods, took Indian wives or adopted Indian children. Indian men took white wives.
When the Spaniards came to this land, they brought with them African slaves and natives of the Islands. These were welcomed into Indian communities on the East coast.
Spaniards or Mexicans married into the southwestern Native communities. But, they and their children are all Native Americans by blood, by birth, and by keeping their traditions and passing those down to their descendants.

It is so unfortunate that even within the different tribes of the Native American race there is prejudice and hatred. Many Me'tis, Mestizos, Mulatos or Mixed-Bloods are not even accepted in some parts of the Native communities. If these people cannot be accepted in the Black or White society, nor in the Native American community, then where should they be accepted?
While minorities cry "Racism" because they may not be accepted in the dominant society, they, too, bar some who are not exactly like themselves from their own communities. All simply because they are not "Full-bloods".
When will people learn that skin color and tribal cards do not an Indian make?

It's sad to say, but even many Native Americans do not live with the traditions or customs of their own people. Some mixed-bloods seem to live and practice a more "Indian" life than some Fullblood Indians. This has everything to do with the history of this United States. As I was told by a full-blood,
"Mixed-bloods and Non-natives on the East coast seek out information and they educate themselves on the culture and spiritual practices of certain tribes. But, we full-bloods in Indian Territory just live with being Indian every day of our lives. It's not a novelty or something we want to get into. Unfortunately, when people see us, they see a "full-blood" Indian and expect that we already KNOW everything there is to know about being Indian. That's just not true. Our grandparents and great-grandparents weren't allowed to BE Indian! They were forbidden to speak their language or practice their spirituality. All of their traditions and customs were taken away from them and they were forced to live in the White man's world and to live with their ways. Our tribal culture and traditions were lost to us. They lived what they were allowed to know, and our generation grew up in mainstream White society. You probably know more about what my traditions are than I do! Now, the Indians to the North and West of us saw what the White man did to our ancestors and they fought to keep their ways. So, when you see us here in Indian Territory, don't expect us to already know everything there is to know about our tribal ways. We haven't been educated to know them. That was left to our Spiritual Leaders to keep for us."

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Sitting BullQuote: "GOD made me an INDIAN."....Sitting Bull, 1876

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