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Sarah's Junk Yard

What'S GoinG On?
You may have noticed that I haven't done many updates to my website lately.  School was taking up much of my time and I thought that once it was over I would be able to resume my work on the site.  Well, school ended, and suddenly I felt that the site that was costing me $60 a year and countless hours to run was more of an obligation to my visitors than a project I enjoyed.  When I first began the site in July of 1997, I did it because I wanted something fun to do and I wanted to provide collectors with certain elements that were missing from other sites.  I now feel that we are all providing the same basic information.  I also have found other ways to have fun, such as 4 dance lessons a week and watching sometimes up to 5 movies a day. My main problem, however,  is how hard it is to keep a collector's site updated.  Sometimes there are plenty of new toys to write about, sometimes I will go months without finding anything new.  This means there is no new material for my site. So...I've decided to shut down my site, but first I want to thank everyone for being so supportive!  If you are looking for a new collector's page, please check out Treasure Hunt Alley, which is my personal favorite.

Are you shutting down forever?
No, however, when I do begin publishing to my site again, it will no longer be a collector's page.  Most likely it will be devoted to the wonderful world of DVD movies.  Unlike Hot Wheels, which currently has all the publicity it will ever need, the DVD format needs a little support.  It will also be easier to run a page that doesn't need constant updates.  Well, I've been babbling long enough...here's some fun stuff about my other passions...

DVD Movies?
DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) is a relatively new format for movies.  If you haven't heard of them or would like to know more about them check out DVDepot, they not only have info on DVD, they have great service and low prices.   My favorite DVD is L.A Confidential, if you have not seen the movie yet, run out and rent it now!  If you own a DVD player, run out and buy the disc, it's really worth it.  The DVD has a lot of nice extras and the movie is just incredible.  I've watched it 5 times this week.

My favorite band, The Dave Matthews Band has a new CD out, Before These Crowded Streets.  As usual, it's a fabulous CD, with a different sound than some of their previous ones.

Just a little info. on me...I just turned 20 on June 9th.  I'm a drama major at the local university (yes, that's why I'm a movie addict).  My favorite movies are Silence of the Lambs, In the Line of Fire, Pulp Fiction, and of course L.A. ConfidentialI also take tap and ballet classes, and I like rollerblading and mountain biking (I have a really cool Trek Singletrack).  I'm currently learning French and how to play guitar in my spare time.  I guess you know why I've been so busy now!  

Thanks again for all of your support, you can contact me at:   junkcollector@oocities.com

June 11, 1998.