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For South Australia's first settlers the average travel time by sailing ship was about 100 days. In the 1850's and 1860's clippers using the great circle route cut the time to about 75 days. From the 1880's steamships traveling through the Suez Canal had reduced the time to 45 days. Later, ocean liners could make the journey in 30 days. By the 1960's aircraft had reduced travel time to one day.

Emigrant Family Year Duration

Emigration Poster
Technical terms

Arrivals 1836-1840
Voyage route

WW1 Ships
WW2 Ships


JAVA Burnard 1840 100 days
ABOUKIR Sando 1847 96 days
RAMILLIES Dowdy 1849 104 days
CONFIANCE Boyd 1854 94 days
DELGANY West 1854 113 days
(to Melbourne, Vic)
CITY OF ADELAIDE Edwards 1874 91 days
ORIENT Potts 1883 43 days
AUSTRAL Bates 1886 41 days


Emigration timeline
  1830's    1840's    1850's    1860's    1870's    1880's    1890's 


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    Burnard  Sando |    Boyd          Edwards        |  Bates
               Dowdy    West                     Potts