Ron 1-Ron smiling. Awwwwww
Ron 2-Chowing down in the compartment.
Ron 3-Hmmm.....that's....straaaaange
Ron 4-Huh?
Ron 5-The dreaded Howler.
Ron 6-Looking worried.
Ron 7-Come on Harry!
Ron 8-Smiling outside compartment.
Ron 9-Sad because Draco insulted him.
Ron 10-Relieved that he's in Gryffindor.
Ron 11-Pigging out.
Ron 12-Anxious for the sorting.
Ron 13-"Wingardium leviosaaaaaaaa!"
Ron 14-"Bishop to E6!"
Ron 15-"That's wizard's chess!"
Ron 16-"As for me.....I'll be a knight."
Ron 17-Ron's worried about Harry.
Ron 18-Ron in the snow.
Ron 19-Being dragged away.
Ron 21-On the grounds in POA.
Ron 22-Roaring.
Ron 23-Looking confused and worried in POA.

Rupert Grint
Rupert 1-On some talk show...I can't tell. He's laughing though.
Rupert 2-At the SS Premiere.
Rupert 3-SS Premiere again.
Rupert 4-Grinning so cutely.
Rupert 5-COS Premiere.
Rupert 6-Wow......that's a lot of balloons.
Rupert 7-At Zootopia.
Rupert 8-ABC Preview Interview.
Rupert 9-A COS aged Rupert smiling.
Rupert 10-From the Teen issue of Vanity Fair.
Rupert 11-Rupert on ABC. I don't know when but he looks GREAT!
Rupert 12-Rupert on the Caroline Rhea show.
Rupert 13-With his Weasley Brothers.
Rupert 14-Grinning on a talk show. Once again I don't know which.
Rupert 15-POA Premiere.
Rupert 16-Rupert giving thumbs up at a premiere.
Rupert 17-Rupert with a it his? *looks stupid*

Harry and Ron
Harry + Ron 1-I have no comment.
Harry + Ron 2-Eyeballing Lockhart's test.
Harry + Ron 3-Oh bother! It's the Whomping Willow!
Harry + Ron 4-Riding in the car.
Harry + Ron 5-Uh oh. We're in trouble.
Harry + Ron 6-Disgusted with Lockhart.
Harry + Ron 7-Divination class.
Harry + Ron 8-God this class is boring....
Harry + Ron 9-Harry....WHAT is she saying?
Harry + Ron 10-Goofing off on set.

Ron and Hermione
Ron + Hermione 1-In Charms class.
Ron + Hermione 2-Humph. Fine.
Ron + Hermione 3-At the quidditch match.
Ron + Hermione 4-Hermione talking. Ron not understanding.....again.
Ron + Hermione 5-In the compartment sitting together.
Ron + Hermione 6-Looking through a window.
Ron + Hermione 7-Hermione worried for Harry at Magical Creatures class.

The threesome
Threesome 1-Looking up at Hagrid.
Threesome 2-Ron barfing up slugs.
Threesome 3-Looking out of Hagrid's hut.
Threesome 4-Standing together.
Threesome 5-Flying lesson.
Threesome 6-This is a really cute picture.
Threesome 7-Holding up Ron.
Threesome 8-Threatening Malfoy.
Threesome 9-In the frist year. Awwwwwww.
Threesome 10-At POA Premiere.


Random 1-Everyone at the end of the third movie.
Random 2-The new broom!
Random 3-Crazy cast.
Random 4-He's gonna barf!!!
Random 5-Aaaah Im next....oh god please the things I do for fans.