Malice Mizer
disbanded 11th December 2001

Malice Mizer's announcement of disbanding at the end of 2001 was a huge shock for me, and still is. I really really love them, has been following their music since Tetsu's days (though I didn't quite like them at that time). My interest for Malice Mizer never wavers when they when through member change and tragedy. I really thought that this would be one Jrock band that will go on forever and ever because they had been through so much and still able to get back up and running, even stronger than before. Apparently, I was wrong in that assumption. So what is left now? Memories of a great band, obviously. Their music, their images, everything about Malice Mizer will be etched to the minds and hearts of their loyal fans.

leader/guitar = Mana
guitar = Kozi
bass = Yu~ki
drums = Kami (passed away in June 1999)
vocals = Tetsu (ex, 1992-94) Gackt (ex, 1995-99) Klaha (2001)

Tetsu, ex-vocalist

Malice Mizer 1998, with 2nd vocalist Gackt

The late Kami
Forever in Our Hearts


The new vocalist Klaha

Klaha looking cool in white.. ^__^;

The present-day Malice Mizer

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