PRODUCT: FriendlyNET-Home USB Hub-7


REVIEWED BY: Rose Miller


The Asante FriendlyNET-Home USB Hub-7 is a smooth little powered hub for connecting USB peripheral devices to your computer. The hub is 65.9 x 128.9 x 21.8 mm, about the size of a paperback novel. It is designed with a transparent teal-blue cover. I tested the unit by connecting it to my standard Intel-based PC running the Windows ME operating system. It was immediately recognized by Windows ME and ran flawlessly with an Hp printer, Logitech web cam and Logitech USB mouse connected. There are seven usable USB connections, or ports, with an eighth for connecting it to a USB port on your computer. There are two rows of lights on the top and a power light, indicating when the unit has power and is turned on. The top row of seven lights is lit when the ports are ready. If an over current situation occurs, the lights on the bottom row will glow indicating the port with the problem. If one of your devices does create an over current situation, the port where it is connected is isolated to prevent interference with other devices on the hub, which is called auto-partitioning.

I prefer powered USB hubs such as this Asante unit as it does allow you to daisy chain units and will isolate malfunctioning devices or ports and let you keep on going with your remaining devices. A separate USB hub also lets you arrange your desk with more flexibility. I was able to set my Asante hub up on the top shelf of my computer desk next to my printer and attach or detach my paraphernalia as needed. A little longer cable would have been nice (it comes with a 3 foot cable), but it reaches fine where I have it placed.


I would recommend this hub to anyone with a PC. There are so many devices that are using the USB format now. Itís so much more convenient to have the extra USB ports so close at hand and not have to crawl under you desk or fight your way to the back of your PC tower.
TERMS OF WARRANTY: Limited 5-year warranty.

DOCUMENTATION: 9 (a pamphlet and a good diagram of how to hook up the hub.)

REVIEWER INFORMATION: Rose Miller lives in Maine with her husband and two children. She works as a TV ad scanner. She enjoys reading, crafts and creating webpages and graphics.