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The Sovereign Rottweiler Club offers to its' members, an one-in-a-kind Therapy Dog Honour Roll, to recognize the giant hearts and love that therapy Rottweilers offer.

Therapy Dog Honour Roll

The Therapy Dog Honour Roll is tiered at 3 levels:

How Do I Apply?

If you and your Rottweiler are involved with visitation, are a member in good standing with the SRC and would like to apply for the Honour Roll, please provide proof of visitation (letter from visiting home) and/or the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog medallion.

The SRC will award the club Medallion at the first tier, with handsome certificates at the second and third tiers.

To apply for your award, or for more information, please contact:

Linda Baker
Chatsworth, ON
N0H 1G0

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