MIDI download page


MIDI download page
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    At this page you can download my MIDI's of my favourite Roxette's songs. You can even choose, if you'll download (or only listen) file in MIDI format, or a zipped one for faster download.

Song Zipped
(I could never) give you up Zipped
7twenty7 Zipped
Almost unreal Zipped
Cinnamon street Zipped
Dance away Zipped
Hotblooded Zipped
How do you do Zipped
It must have been love Zipped
It must have been love tourism version Zipped
Keep me waiting Zipped
Paint Zipped
Sleeping in my car Zipped
Stars Zipped
The look Zipped
Come back (before you leave) Zipped
Chances Zipped
It will take a long long time Zipped
Lies Zipped