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Mesothelioma And Veterans
Mesothelioma And Veterans


RPG Maker 2000 is the second PC version of the RPG Maker series of programs developed by Enterbrain and published by ASCII. RPG Maker 2000 was the most popular RPG maker of its time; being discussed on many popular websites, and enjoyed a large userbase for many years. This was amplified by the fact that a lot of popular RM2K sites refused to adopt RM2K3. RM2K was first taken over by RM2K3, but has now been superceded by RMXP and is no longer as popular as it used to be. RPG Maker 2000 was also one of the RPG Makers to be illegally translated and distributed by a Russian Programmer.
RPG Maker 2000 uses a 320 x 240 screen resolution for playing games, and has 16x16 pixel tiles, with 24x32 character sprites. Its default green message-window and menu systems are one of the first signs that a particular game was made with RPG Maker 2000, although it can be customized. Some may view these low-res graphics as a limitation, but they could also be viewed as an advantage, because the low-res graphics are not only easier on older computers, but sometimes they can be much easier to draw.
Battle Type
RPG Maker 2000 uses a Dragon Warrior-like battle system which features a classical turn-based, "front-view" battle system, where the enemy faces you directly on the screen and you do not see your characters on screen. With some tweaking, the battle system can be made to look somewhat like a "side-view" battle system.
The music featured in RPG Maker 2000 consists of a large collection of MIDI files, which, by some people, have been used in programs other than RPG Maker. An example is the game 5 Days a Stranger, made with Adventure Game Studio (AGS).




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Rpg Maker 2000 Ver 1.07

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Ill Natured II

Locus - .rar - One of my faves !


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