Clerical Spells
by Mark Silverstein

These are three simple spells which a cleric of mine has recently researched and had approved by the GM. The reason for Improved Spiritual Hammer is that I am playing a cleric of Thor. As a side note, the same night that Resist Acid had just been approved, my character (without the spell memorized) died horribly from the acid breath of a green dragon. Next session, I get to read a book while the surviving half of our party seeks to raise the decomposing remains of me and the others who have fallen.

Improved Spiritual Hammer (Invocation)
Level: 3
Range: 3"
Duration: 1 round/level
Area of effect: 1 opponent
Components: V, S, M
Casting time: 5 segments
Saving throw: Special
This spell is exactly like the second level clerical spell Spiritual Hammer, except that the caster actually gains the +1 to hit and damage per 3 levels (i.e., +1 for levels 1-3, +2 for levels 4-6, etc.).

Create Oil (Alteration)
Level: 3
Range: 1"
Duration: Permanent
Area of effect: Up to 27 cubic feet
Components: V, S, M
Casting time: 1 round
Saving throw: None
This spell is essentially like the first level cleric spell Create Water, except that oil, not water, is created, and the caster can control the quantity and viscosity of the oil created. The material component is a drop of oil.

Resist Acid (Alteration)
Level: 4
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 turn/level
Area of effect: Creature touched
Components: V, S, M
Saving throw: None
When this spell is placed upon a creature by a cleric, the creature's body is protected against acid. The recipient is only immune to the weakest non-magical acid effects, but gains a bonus of +3 on saving throws against acid attacks. Even if a save is not made, all damage sustained is reduced by 50%, and if a save is made, only 25% damage is sustained.
In the case of any lingering effects (that is, if the acid causes damage for more than one round), additional damage is determined based upon a second saving throw as follows:
1. If neither saving throw is made, additional damage is at 50%.
2. If either saving throw is made, additional damage is at 25%.
3. If both saving throws are made, additional damage is minimal. (That is, if the additional damage would normally be 2-8 HP, then 2 HP damage is sustained.)
Notwithstanding the second saving throw for the creature, whether or not items need to make a saving throw is determined only by the first save. However, if the first save is failed and the second made, then items gain a +1 to their saves.
Resistance to acid lasts for 1 turn for each level of the cleric placing the spell. The caster needs a pinch of salt as the material component of the spell.

(Originally appeared in Re:Quests!, issue #31, August 1993, pp. 34-35; Mary H Kelly, editor.)

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