Dark Matter - Sourcebook for Alternity
Review by Bill Voharas

Dark Matter (D*M) is a new setting for Wizards of the Coast's Alternity SFRPG. D*M is set in the near future. In our solar system, dark matter sometimes passes through (ancient times, Dark Ages, and now); when it does, there is an increase in paranormal activity and interstellar portals become possible. When the dark matter moves on, such phenomena wane. In ancient times, aliens came through portals and formed many of our myths and had a secret influence on world history. In modern times there are many secret conspiracies afoot, humans with psi powers, and alien descendants. The game reminds me of X-Files and the Illuminati.

The source book is quite well written - real fun to read and a great bibliography. Also, if you know AD&D, Alternity's rules aren't totally alien, but a bit simpler. If you don't know AD&D, Alternity isn't tough to learn. The group that your heroes are part of is plausible and well thought out. The various possible conspiracies are interesting too.

The best conspiracy sourcebook I've seen is still Delta Green (for Call of Cthulhu), but D*M has the compensating advantage of being more generic and thus more flexible.

I atrongly recommend the Dark Matter sourcebook.

(Originally posted to the RPGSIG Message Board 11/26/99.)

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