Adventure Starter:
When the Wind Blows
by Alan Clark

PCs are spending the night at a city inn. During the wee hours a violent thunderstorm wakes them up. Just as the storm ends, a tremendous crash rocks the building. When the adventurers investigate (if they don't, they aren't adventurers), they find that a massive wooden structure has fallen on the building next door and crushed it. The sound of a baby crying very loudly comes from within. The baby turns out to be a blue-skinned 200-pounder -- a storm giant baby, who has survived the fall to earth of the small (to a giant) wooden building he was in. Baby is very upset, and prone to toss little lightning bolts around when he fusses. Who threw him off the cloud, and why? Will Mommy and Daddy (or something more sinister) come to get him soon? Who will change his diaper? And what will the neighbors say?

(Originally appeared in Re:Quests!, issue #28, October 1992, p. 33; Mary H Kelly, editor.)

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